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  1. Likewise; I wouldn't use any clip-on tuner on a guitar whose finish I cared about. Here are three options I use that I think are better: 1. A TC Electronics PolyTune pedal; absolutely the best such device available IMHO (and that of many others). Biggest downside: it needs to be in a signal chain, or for everyone else to be quiet. 2. The TC Electronics PolyTune App on my iPhone (I believe it's also available for Android phones as well). A great app; works essentially as well as the pedal, but can't easily be in your signal chain, so it does need quiet. 3. An old-fashioned tuning fork (so
  2. I've now had a bit over a month with my 2016 '63 ES-335 with MHS humbuckers, and I couldn't be more pleased. I've previously had a Les Paul with Burstbucker Pros and 2 different 335s with '57 Classics, and have played friends' Gibsons with Seymour Duncan and Throback humbuckers. All of them are fine pickups that I'd be glad to have, but to my ears the MHS pickups have the best overall range of sounds; I've been able to get everything out of them I can imagine. They have a particular sweetness & richness in the middle (both pickups) position. Again, I think all of these are fine pickups,
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