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  1. Those are schaller style strap locks knock offs.


    I got a baggie full of those that I took off guitars.



    Not a fan of them personally, but if it keeps your guitar from crashing to the ground while performing Yngwie acrobatics....

  2. Dude!


    I don’t know what model it is but I’d be interested in “the grabber”


    It looks like Epiphone screw spacing.


    Whatcha want for it?


    Edit: it’s a 70’s Gibson Bass!


    I’m hoping it would fit my Wilshire...

  3. UPDATE:


    Something was wrong when I inserted the data for the first time, yesterday I tried again and it said "Serial Number already registed".

    So, does it make sense to contact Gibson to solve this situation?

    Otherwise, how could I solve it?



    First off you need to post pictures of it, then contact Gibson.

  4. I have been switching to the ACE reissue straps.


    They have a crappy pleather backing and don't really grip, but they are comfortable.


    I don't particularly like "grabby" straps, or ones wider than 2".


    This is my HP V.... sounds like a disease....



  5. I really wanted to like the sideways vibrola but after trying one, it's such a poor design. The guitar should have come with roller saddles. As it is, it won't stay in tune. Using the trem moves the whole saddle and eventually the posts will bend over or break. Looks cool but... Just not a good idea.


    The other one with the regular vibrola is fantastic, that is what I will be buying.


    The sideways vibrola is total shite, the bridge isn't the issue... I'm a magician with floyds and bigsby's. (I own nut and saddle files)


    But the sideways vibrola is a work of art, I keep going back and forth on selling my 2015 SGS3..... but it is just so beautiful...



  6. Had anyone fitted a Vibrola arm to a Bigsby? I can't get a Chet Atkins arm at a decent price here in the UK.



    The walrus **** vibrola arm is probably the worst design ever.


    But it may fit provided the nut fits inside the bisgsby spring. But it may be difficult the set arm tension and nearly impossible to control arm angle.


    I’m not super impressed by the Chet Atkins arm, but it’s better than a strat arm. They are never available for a decent price anywhere.


    The flat bigsby arm is my favorite.


    I love Floyd’s and Bigsby’s. Hate strat “tremolos”. Kinda unimpressed with maestro vibrolas.







  7. The Chinese ones are total shite.... They did fit some no name Grover clones I had ..


    Only the hipshots fit.


    Larry, message me your address.




    I think I used the Grover screws instread of the screws that came with the hipshots.



  8. Since this is not an option... at over 6k...






    Maybe this is in the cards this year... at $1,699





    Not sure if I like this for $300 less... it does have an inlay logo, and I can change the toggle and add a pot, and cover the pickups like a civilized person....


    Edit: **** it... gig bag.... ****ity **** **** ****....



  9. My 2017 SG standard came with kidney shaped, I liked them so much that when my 2004 V needed tuners so I found a used set of the same ones on eBay.


    If I needed a set of replacement tuners it would be a tough choice between the deluxe and the locking.... locking may just win because of the ease of string changes.


    The Hipshot tuners are nice too, and a little cheaper. Get the UMB mounting plates and no holes to drill.


    Also the tuner buttons on the Grover’s can be replaced with Hipshot buttons... ($15)


    Here is the Gibson deluxe (left) and the Grover locking with Hipshot buttons (right)



  10. There was a les Paul on the local Craigslist and that was the first I heard of the guy.


    I had considered the explorer, because it was the same price as the regular epiphone.


    My only hesitation is the fake p90 in the neck.


    Dummy coils don't appeal to me, but a non functioning one sounds worse.


    I have never had a qc problem with epiphone and if hate to start now.

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