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  1. Damn that’s purdy! You have my permission.
  2. I’m not a hollow type guitar fan, so this one doesn’t get any play time, but the B3 and Towner is a winning combo. This one gets the play time....
  3. Orville Gibson should be logging in soon to correct the situation.
  4. I am not exaggerating when I say the strings are over 10 years old.... and they had gotten a good bit of play time on them . I do leave it out from time to time, but I still don't play her enough. I think you can buy jeans with holes already in them, but I think they are more expensive that way...
  5. The Fender acoustics get bashed less than Gibson QC and headstocks, but not by much! I really like the sound of the guitar, but I'm not super impressed by the pickup controls, I would much prefer just a piezo direct to the jack, I can turn amp knobs pretty well by myself. I do wish the headstock was reversed, but I have always loved these since I saw Buck was sporting one... It has a different sound from my j45, but by no means is it cheap sounding.
  6. I havent been playing much lately, and acoustic even less. I figured it was time, I may even replace the vintage strings...
  7. I replaced the metal covers with black plastic, replaced the tuner buttons, replaced the wiring harness with one off some company on reverb. I took enough extra wire out of the new harness to rewire two telecasters and still have some left over. Then I traded it for a Silvertone 1449
  8. I kinda gave up on a decent tv yellow dc special or jr.... And these are nice, but aren’t the same...
  9. I have a maestro on a V, and several bigsby equipped guitars. Also a few Floyd rose equipped guitars without locking nuts. 7-38 strings on all of them. Properly cut nut and saddles, and lock winding on the tuners or proper length cut on Kluson tuners is the key.
  10. One of my favorites is this Gibson leather, but they are way too expensive to have several of. I have one of the expensive Gibson padded straps too, gut it’s the worst and most expensive strap I own. I also have several italia straps. And I like the Ace reissue straps as well. Love this one... Italia straps. Hate this one...
  11. Sg and p90’s are a match made in heaven. She looks awesome! I’m a pick guard fan myself, but naked is good.
  12. Kluson left, Grover w/Hipshot buttons right...
  13. That’s one of the few non-sg’s I would consider.
  14. My 2017 and 2015 came with the brown hardshell cases, I would not have spent the same money on a guitar with a gig bag, and probably wouldn’t have bought them at all. I bought my 2011 60’s tribute used and the PO had included the nice “made in Canada” hardshell case. The trend of crappy or no cases has deterred me from more than one guitar. If it’s a guitar I must have, I will purchase a hard case for it. I’d did that for my Ibanez Destroyer, and Jackson SL4X. I did buy a Fender telecaster that came with a gig bag, I don’t feel bad putting fenders in a gig bag.
  15. That would have shaken my faith quite a bit! I’m just glad I don’t need any more guitars.
  16. Mine on the right is a 2015. It was perfect out of the box. L to R. 1991, 2017, 2011 and 2015 The 3 on the right were all bought online, the one on the left craigslist. Personally I have never experienced any QC issues that took more than 15 minutes and a file.
  17. My first thought was aww that’s so sad, but I’m really liking it. Price seems a bit high, but I doubt there is another like it.
  18. I wouldn’t have noticed it if you hadn’t pointed it out. \:D/
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