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  1. That’s why I bought a J45, and didn’t even take anything else off the wall.
  2. I do like the pickup, but that’s about it. Do you need Nickle wound strings for the pickup to pick up? The shape is too much like a fat girl with a pretty face.
  3. Sounds like shame on the shop for thinking they were duping some poor schmuck out of an expensive guitar, post the name of the shop so we can make sure we don’t shop there.
  4. Welcome, and I love my J45. I wouldn’t mind a 00, but I don’t play enough acoustic to justify it.
  5. I think Epiphone is an excellent brand. But when I think of SG’s and Les Pauls and J-45’s I think of those as Gibson. A Gibson branded Wilshire would seem equally as wrong...
  6. I have had a Senheiser 835 for about 20 years now with an Audix OM-7 for backup, I have never used my backup.
  7. There were 3 when I bought mine new in 1999.... Haven’t looked at them since, or needed another since then.
  8. I know way too many people I would buy the C mug for.
  9. Thanks, it has a nice newer brown, pink lined made in the usa case, so that adds some value. Im really anxious to see the condition. The trade stuff is in the 1-1400 arena. I do have a 1964 Epiphone Bard. It has some stable warping at the soundhole/neck.
  10. Next weekend I may work out a trade deal for this guitar. The current owner says it is a 1966. I think it is a B45 12. It has a very nice hard case, and the top looks solid. I haven’t seen it in person yet. What do the experts here have to say about it? Thanks!
  11. Some people need any excuse to fiddle with stuff... And by fiddle with stuff, I really mean **** with ****... Personally, I like harmonica bridges on no bevel SG's.
  12. I dont own an aluminum case, but all the other cases I have fit just fine. Just fold the arm back.
  13. Grovers came on my SG, and I bought a second set off ebay for my (used) V, because the set on it was "upgraded" by the PO. They are very nice, but for looks I keep the Deluxe on my others.
  14. My first thought was, "Nancy Wilson, you have let yourself go!" But I googled her and she still looks freakin beautiful...
  15. My straps came in, funny thing is I bought the red standard sg after I had placed the strap order...
  16. I play music to entertain. He is entertaining his audience. Some bands get butthurt, when I tell out "Feebird" at concerts. Some bands will play it.
  17. I needed some bridge work on my 1964 Epiphone Bard. While I was in there I added a Fishman. If I didn't need to work on it I would have just gotten a soundhole pickup for gigs. My 1999 J45 came with one, so I don't have to consider that quandary.
  18. Yeah, most "licensed" ones are made in Korea, and the quality is really good. The US made are usually only a couple bucks more. The only bad "Bigsby" I ever came across was a supposed "US" made TremTrue, it was total cheap garbage.
  19. I just picked up a 91 Standard SG with similar pickups, time will tell if I like them, but I do like Super Distortions, and these have a similar vibe.
  20. What pickups are in it? My 2017 was supposed to have a 57+ but it came with a regular 57. And I think it was a blessing in disguise.
  21. I picked this 91 Standard off the local Craigslist Monday... I decided to finally sell off all my Fenders except one. I'm an SG man through and through.
  22. She is a beauty! I'm glad I don't have a relationship like that with a shop, I'd be in big trouble.
  23. I did read the thread, it's called sarcasm, lighten up.
  24. That sounds reasonable, I have no clue how many owners she has had. Maybe since there were some electronics changes it was assumed a pickup was changed since they don't match.
  25. Ok, thanks, so it could be the stock pickup. Someone has fiddled about in the control cavity, the neck volume pot may have been replaced, and there is random soldering elsewhere. Im not going to lose any sleep over a 27 year old guitars past lovers.
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