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  1. Ding up the other wing, and it wont stand out as much.
  2. I just picked up a 91 SG Standard. The guy I got it from has had it for 2.5 years, he was told the bridge pickup was changed sometime in it's past. What pickups to I have here? Normally I wouldn't care as long as it plays well, but now I'm curious. This is the neck pickup, supposedly it is unchanged. The bridge pickup has the patent number... And it was pointed out elsewhere the rounded tabs arent normal. Cavity pic... Let me know if any other info would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. No one ever told me they were supposed to break...
  4. I would prefer a banana headstock.
  5. Be careful, I think you can go to jail for that kind of deal...
  6. Probuckers are good, but the Duncans are better.
  7. Bigsby's have been made for Fender Gibson and Gretsch too from time to time too since their inception. I doubt there is much more info than that. Some people think the brand marked ones are more special. I wouldnt pay a premium for one, but its kinda cool.
  8. Thats a a damn fine purchase! So is this new gibson store supposed to save them? $4,100 for a V isn't going to make me part with my money....
  9. I snapped a quick "eye bleach" pic for y'all, I know you can't unsee what you have already seen, but maybe this will give you some comfort...
  10. Dream Epiphone! Well, let's see, I think I have them all now. 1964 Bard (right) 339 pro Firebird I And on Tuesday this arrives...
  11. I stole this from another forum...
  12. 4k? No guitar is worth 4k unless it has 100k worth of diamonds glued to it. I love V's but I still havent warmed up the Jackson ones, maybe another 30-40 years and I'll come around.
  13. We just saw him a couple months ago, as always a great show.
  14. I don't consider myself a "Gibson" guy, I consider myself an "SG" guy. You could burn all my other guitars, just don't touch my SG's (and Danelectros) They don't click for everyone. I can't stand Les Pauls....
  15. Just let everyone around the campfire use it for a spittoon for an evening or two, that should tame down the brightness of the label a bit.
  16. Quit factory aging guitars, and put some fracking covers on the fricking pickups...
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