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  1. I'm a cheapskate but I'd consider the $1899 model, but only if I could play it first. I did read on the "interweb" that it is on the small side. (so now you have read it too)
  2. The grovers look horrible, epiphone at least went with kluson banjos..
  3. I think my stock knobs ended up on my V, because there isn't enough space for my fat fingers between the knobs for speed knobs. I added a poker chip and some abalone knobs and truss rod cover to my '17.
  4. I have an Epiphone 339 with p90's, and I get corrected all the time on whether it's a hollow or semi hollow.... and I really don't care... If it has "F" holes I call it a hollow body.
  5. Is I+heart radio available? I prefer Pandora to it but it's an OK second choice. I'm not a spotify fan, and I haven't explored the Google and Amazon options.
  6. I used to say how much I hated Strats, and LP's, but I also used to be really picky about neck profiles too... I have two Strats now, and am building a third... I have many neck profiles now too, and can switch without too much heartache. Who knows I may stumble upon an LP I can't live without. I used to hate brussel sprouts, broccoli and asparagus too.... I still can't stand it when peeples make up cute little slang words, or acronyms that no one else knows. I also hate fist bumping.....
  7. We get to see them on the 26th... Tomorrow is Deep Purple and Alice Cooper....
  8. Take the nut to the hardware store, they should have a test card to help figure it out. I'd start with SAE thread sizes.
  9. Archtop has nothing to do with it, tailpiece style does. Does yours have the trapeze tailpiece? like this? You could still go with a B3, but you couldn't control the break angle. but you wouldn't have to drill into the body. and the break angle would be just fine. and I think it looks nicer than the B7. A B7 need to be screwed into the top. and if the break angle is too sharp it can be shimmed. B3 B7
  10. I would Imagine a B3 with a Towner tension bar would be the ticket. something like this... Traditionally I think a B7 is used, but it has a built in/non-adjustable tension bar, and your tailpiece holes are just hanging out in the wind. Then a fugly plastic name tag type plastic plate is used to cover them. IT LOOKS HORRIBLE. The triangular endpiece is meant for Gretsch guitars. I think you want a more squared endpiece, but a dremel would take the pointy overhang off a triangular one like I did on two of my guitars. I'd stick with a Tuna-Matic bridge, and just make sure your nut is cut correctly. You do not need fancy roller bridges and nuts.
  11. Kids these days with their fancy Kalamazoo's and Airline guitars! I blame jazz music!
  12. I don't know how it could be $1100 to fix, but I'd get a second opinion. If it were mine I'd have fixed it.
  13. I almost wore Willie's signature off my j-45, but you can still read Merle's.
  14. No clue I keep calipers and measuring devices away from my guitar while setting it up. Except for a nickel when initially adjusting pickups. Just low enough that it doesn't buzz.
  15. Some of those original 50's models go for thousands. If I could only save one in a fire it would be between my V, my SG, and my U2.
  16. I test fit the B3/Towner on my SG and it does look better than the B5/Vibramate I have on it now. The issue I did have was the endpiece I had on my B3 was pointed and hung dangerously off the back of the SG. It was made for a Gretsch guitar with a taller/fatter body, so I didn't get the feel of how a regular B3 would fit. But I have seen pictures of a B3/Towner equipped SG and it looks good to me. I have a guitar that needs a B5, so I am planning to take the B5 off my SG and get a B3 for it.
  17. I prefer to stand, but I use a strap even when I am seated. My seated position if I must, is barely seated on a STURDY tall wooden barstool.
  18. I got myself a Wife Beater Tee-shirt once. She hid it where she thought I'd never find it. Where the sun doesn't shine... I stand on the hill, not for a thrill, but for the breath of a fresh kill. Never mind the man who contemplates doin' away with license plates. He stands alone, anyhow, bakin' the cookies of discontent by the heat of the laundromat vent. Leavin' his soul!... Leavin' his soul! And partin' the waters of the medulla oblongata of - -brrrrrr! - -mankind!
  19. I have an older SFX, and it has and still does serve me well. I remember at the time I bought it there weren't too many choices. If I had to choose today my head would probably explode.
  20. Dan Erlewine has a great video on this, I didn't even need a repair but I watched the whole video anyway.
  21. I don't consider it a beater so much as it is more easily replaced than my J-45.... I have a Lake Placid Blue Fender Sonoran that I love to death. A couple years ago I bought my son an Applause, and it's a great guitar as well.
  22. Or heat gently with a hair dryer and use a piece of dental floss to completely remove. Clean, and use 3m doublesided sheets to reattach. WD music sells the sheet for $3
  23. I think the 9v battery in my J-45 expired about 12 years ago....
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