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  1. Ha ha, not consciously! I just couldn’t decide if I wanted a black or a white pick guard.
  2. Happy Birthday! Do you remember how the T-Rex played guitar with them short arms?
  3. So plugged her in, the neck pickup was easy to get clean but didn't dirty up well without boost. Bridge pickup dirtied easy, but didn't clean up as well. Still have more fiddling to do, but I like the pickups. The kill switch spring is too stiff, so I'll see if I can pop it open and cut some coils. If not I think I have a spare.
  4. Yeah most likely, I have a couple others I need to do too.
  5. It’s my favorite and best playing guitar by far... the new V is easily in the top 5, maybe top three.. maybe...
  6. That’s purdy! I was looking at a few of them when I found my j45 20 years ago.
  7. My HP Flying V had a slightly repositioned button, but that was because they contoured the heel. I see no reason why they did that on the SG. Curiouser, and curiouser.... $4 straps and $2,000 guitars don’t mix. Unless you do double duty as the tambourine player, and lead guitarist, holding your guitar helps. Although some seem to have mastered both....
  8. 8.7k neck 13.9k bridge I’m liking those readings, especially since the magnets are alnico, no idea if they are II, III, IV, XXVI etc...
  9. Beautiful guitar and a deadly weapon! Lovin’ it.
  10. Well she did arrive today! I need to dress the fret ends, the action was set by a drunk 4 year old, and the truss rod was overtightened, but so far so good. I ran out of my regular strings so I’m doing a drive by set up for now. I added strap locks and a fender amp knob, and I may try to find a white chicken head knob for the varitone. I’ll try to plug her in tonight if I have time...
  11. That’s not a bad crack in my book, if the repair can’t be seen easily I’d think it wouldn’t be much of a price drop. 10-20%??? But I’m only an internet expert.
  12. I’d be one of the 1% that isn’t scared off by a repair, but I’d want a deal. Even 60% would still be out of my price range...
  13. You can probably make up your own certificate of authenticity online..... (.)(.)
  14. I think if the SG hadn’t come along, I’d have a metric buttload of crestlines, et275’s, coronets and Wilshires..... and I still might.... This is one of the few guitars that is distinctive Epiphone, and not just a Gibson copy. I’m excited to try out the varitone, the only other guitar I had seen with one was the “hawk” guitars and those don’t appeal to me. I think my sons mcokingbird has something similar, but I haven’t messed with it too much. Ups said it would be here Friday, but I’m not sure I believe that.
  15. I’d shoot for 50% less but it should be any easy fix, but what else is damaged? How was it damaged?
  16. I have always wanted a Wilshire, and was eyeballing some MIJ 70’s models, and the newer models. The newer models had a really fugly 6 inline tuner headstock, but had some models with nice looking but goofy vibrolas. The MIJ 70’s models were decent but the nicer ones I could find were sunburst, and I just can’t bring myself to get a sunburst, but they had nice 3x3 headstocks. I wasn’t sure of the quality of electronics on these, and I wouldn’t want to modify them. Then I came across this... it’s some dudes signature model, Frank Iero, from “My Chemical Romance”. I don’t think it’s my style of music, but the guitar is. It looks like it has some decent alnico pickups and a 6 position varitone switch, and a kill switch. I got it for an alright price, but I’m pretty sure I won’t have to modify anything.. and I like the color. Here’s the epiphone page.... Guitar specs This is the best demo I could find...
  17. I would have been after the pickups as well, the other parts would just sit in the parts bin mostly.

    Someone else can use them.



  18. I loudly criticized the management over the constant stream of Chinese spamming, was told to stop because it hurt the mods feelings, then told the mods to **** themselves. Here’s my BFG...
  19. I’m banned from tdpri. The BFG’s are sweet guitars. I have the p90, and was thinking of getting the humbucker one too, but a wilshire has got me distracted.
  20. She looks nice, nothing to apologize for.
  21. I put a set of brass pins on my J45 on her first string change 20 years ago. 5 or 6 string changes later they are still going strong. I had the original ?plastic? ones in a parts box, and put them on a Sonoran a couple years ago because they looked to be of better quality than the stock Fender ones. Ebony sounds nice.
  22. I found a topic for the next thread...
  23. Ohh man! I’m so sorry missed out on all the fun! But you guys handled it hilariously. Where do these ****tards come from? Here is my cyber kick in the nuts for the op, and some other nonsense just because it makes as much sense as the complaint. Glue makes it one piece.
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