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  1. My son has one of the generic ones and it fits his jaguar and mockingbird. I paid next to nothing for it and I wish I had bought more of them. Fine quality
  2. That looks nice, I may hit my HP V and BFG with some of that stuff.
  3. I keep trying to sell out, but nobody’s buying..
  4. So where’s the pictures?
  5. I do it on the tuna-matic guitars I don’t put a bigsby on. I only do it because I like the way it looks. People who think it adds mojo or tone are kinda ‘tarded..
  6. Because SG’s are crap guitars that neck dive and your soul goes directly to hell if you own one... I have many.
  7. Knobs are better now, my fat fingers roll off the gumdrops.
  8. I didn’t read the charger right for the robo battery, and the battery died mid string change, but they load just like split Klusons so I’m at home with them. The new and improved tailpiece posts really suck ***, I need to see if regular posts will fit. What a ******* horrible concept.... it looks like the bridge posts are similar....
  9. I don’t know if anything is a real “upgrade” but a 57 and 57+ would not be a mistake.
  10. I just got my HP V in and it has the chrome “gumdrop” knobs, they look nice but they suck for function. I thought strat knobs sucked... Time to get into the stash of Fender amp knobs.
  11. Dood! This thing is pretty damn awesome!
  12. Another vote for the chrome ones. The reflector/top hat are one of my least favorite knobs due to the shape of them, but the chrome looks nice on the guitar.
  13. I have 3 of the Fender 51 nocaster bridge pickups, I haven’t felt the need to look further.
  14. I went more for the guitar than the robotuners, but they will get a fair shake and torture. I’m not planning to put a tremolo on this one, but I could switch these robos onto my 2004 specifically to test the stability, but that seems too much like work...
  15. I was looking at picking up the humbucker version of the BFG Les Paul, and I got distracted, and somehow ended up buying this.... I have been lusting after the LP DC jr, and the Pelham SG Special also, but those will have to wait... The robos say something about improved gears.... I’ll give them a shot. If they don’t work out I’ll end up putting in a set of 3-3 split shaft tuners. They are attached to a 2017 HP Flying V.... She will be a welcome addition...
  16. Since we are resurrecting.... I had a nice wildkat, then got a 339 epi p90 pro. The alleykat looked ok but I never tired one. I traded off the wildkat, and regretted it... it was the better machine.... both are now gone...
  17. Dude! That’s tempting to pick up another, I got mine for $729... I’d get a HB model and put some ******* covers on the pickups... I am not a Neanderthal.... We don’t have uncovered humbuckers in this household.
  18. That’s a confusing short history... I got one of the newer p90 versions, I wish I had the humbucker in the bridge like the older version. Very nice guitar. And well worth the clearance price.
  19. Knock another grand off it and maybe. Are they trying to pay for a rampant crack habit? 2017’s are going for close to 1k without the crack.
  20. Yes those are I think second generation Fender marked (3 wire). Just tonight I switched that guitar to a set of Gold. (Not hot gold) I have an 89 Charvel with a fender marked set of red/silver/blue. And a set of fender marked red/silver/blue in a partscaster. I have had a set of newer hot golds in a loaded pickguard parts box, for a few years, but I haven’t tried them yet. If you want to be sure and get the cool older model just make sure the say “fender lace sensor” there is a pre-1992ish 2 wire type that is good but I have never tried those. Red/silver/blue is a good combo, but I also like blue/silver/silver or the gold set. 250k pots and a .022 cap. Lace Sensors are my favorite strat pickups, I also like the Dimarzio HS pickups, and the Duncan YJM pickups. I had some custom shop fat 50’s that were ok, and I have a MIM HSS set that I like.
  21. Black is possibly the worst guitar color ever... but it works for strats.... Here is my 93 plus.... Eartha Kitt forever!
  22. It’s not the case it’s the guitar. Vanilla is a better smell than cat pee... don’t ask me how I know....
  23. Who the **** is this ******? He makes a video telling us he interviewed someone but doesn’t show the interview? What a ****tard.
  24. Some of you ****ers like to argue for the sake of argument don’t you. A factory B7 will be screwed to the very strong and ample maple top. It does not matter if the body is hollow, has a center block, or is packed with fudge. It also will NOT have the bushings for the stop tailpiece installed. If you want to add a bigsby after the fact, the tailpiece bushings need to be covered or utilized in the set up. The vibramate and Towner do just that with out drilling holes.
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