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  1. If I'm paying that much I want one of the old cardboard cases with a broken handle, and duct tape holding it together as well. Bad Gibson!
  2. So hot Asian girls aren’t looking to date me? Dammit...
  3. The price has kept me away from the Pelham SG, this is pretty tempting....
  4. Holy happy horse ****, that is beautiful!
  5. So..... where can one see pictures of this alleged guitar? And do you take PayPal?
  6. My V has an ebony fretboard and I didn’t know it until someone told me. I like the look of maple on Fender’s, but most of mine are rosewood. So I guess I’m not a connoisseur of fretboard material or tonewoods. I wouldn’t turn my nose up at richlite.
  7. This.... B3 B3 B3 B3 B3 Looks better than this.... B7 And this is the ugliest ******* contraption you can put on any guitar... Les trem...
  8. A b7 and vibramate is ok, but a b3 and a Towner bar looks much better.
  9. I don’t think he was stealing guitars so much as he was chasing the perfect “tonewood”.
  10. There is a picture in the Getty museum of Abraham Lincoln playing one, through a Marshall stack, so I suspect it’s earlier than that.
  11. 61/62 you could explain the difference to me and I couldn’t explain it back to you... Very nice guitar either way, enjoy!
  12. 2006 remedial guitar checking in... Pyramid flat wounds made it really sing..
  13. At this point contacting Epiphone will do you no good, as you have removed their pickups. (The fact that GC suggested it shows their lever of expertise). What pots are you using and what are their values? What capacitor is in it? What switch are you using? Is the pull-pot wired correctly based on the manufacturer? Make sure you are using the proper color coding for the pickup wires as some have changed over time, and change with manufacturer.
  14. 1) How does it play? 2) Quit measuring ****, and play it. You're welcome.
  15. AngelDeVille

    2013 LPJ

    With two sets of pickups it sounds like an ok deal, not stellar but ok. If it has a hard case it’s looking like a better deal. But it’s a quality guitar, and won’t get any cheaper with time.
  16. No clue what a good price is, but buy it and never let it go like I did. The one I sold 15 years ago.. and the only guitar I regret selling.
  17. That’s one good looking guitar! Dammit now I need a DC...
  18. Not if they came with a gig bag, hardshell case I expect so.
  19. So if he reliced and pleked his instruments he would still be alive. Got it.
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