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  1. We will never truly know for sure is what you are saying...
  2. Maybe he should have artificially aged his instruments, because now he is dead.... Maybe that is the reason why? We may never know for sure.
  3. I had to google what the CM was... I like it. I'm not afraid to modify anything, but I seriously think you should send it to me for proper disposal... Or I'll trade you something for yours... I like that a lot. Check out my BFG thread... My link
  4. That would be four times as much as my car.... If I sold a half dozen guitars I could have a nicer car... I have my priorities straight....
  5. What did they use prior to CNC machines? band saw and a rasp....
  6. So I'm joking and ridiculing the BluesHawk.... I'm meeting someone tonight about a possible trade for a trans black Epiphone... I'm going to look like Leslie West playing a Ukelele... Monkey humping a tennis ball... What other analogies can you think of?
  7. Ohh so Purdy! The strap is just ok quality wise for the price, but it is pretty and should last a long time. The Ace reissue straps are nicer for 2/3 the price, but they don’t have pink. I was super happy when I got her new, and now I like her so much better. She’s solidly in my top 3, with my 2004 V, and 2017 SG. I had 3 old *** .033uf caps and they all snapped while trying to install them... I have a .022uf in her now and I’m waiting for a restock on the 33’s. I also bought a deep toggle nut so I can put my poker chip back on...
  8. He's actually pretty cool to see live, we just saw him last fall. https://youtu.be/sGOaGwKQwrw I like the simplicity of a single volume/single tone knob, especially combined with P90's. I was going to use the neck pots and plug the extra holes, leaving the switch in the stock position. Then I got the refinishing bug and decided to go whole hog. I put the switch in the bridge volume hole, so it was close to where the toggle on an SG is. I have single vol/tone on most of my strats too, and I may add kill switches to them as well, no real reason, just for fun. I'm not a shredder, I just love to tinker.
  9. When I read the title, I immediately thought no logo... but I like boobs, so I wouldn't have been too upset if I got one them'.
  10. **** me in the ear with an aardvark! That's Purdy!
  11. My last batch of Dunlop Rev strings came in new packaging. All 6 in a hermetically sealed plastic bag. The last batch were in individual paper envelopes. The Ernie Ball strings I buy are well sealed as well.
  12. I have them on my EB3, maybe I need a set for my J-45...
  13. My J45 came factory with whatever saddle it comes with and I think a Fishman. I had always wondered if just sticking one of the many soundhole pickups would sound. Maybe I’ll try one and if I like it, ditch the Fishman and add a bone saddle.
  14. I like my BFG for a few dollars less
  15. That is beautiful! I wish I could find any explorer for sale! They are super rare around these parts! A Goth would be nice to have as is or to modify. A local shop has a WAY overpriced beat to **** Goth V, but no explorer..... like thrown down several flights of stairs beat to ****... I had to drown my sorrows in a Destroyer for now...
  16. Finish will be done this weekend and all the parts will be here by Monday. Obviously no coil splitter. And found a nice strap... I have been loving those Ace reissue straps, this one was more expensive so I hope I like it.
  17. Google Towner bar or tension bar. it's about $30. I like this setup (b3 and towner) much better than a b7 and vibramate.
  18. How many pickups would a Special Junior have? A special Jr. comes with a helmet. Not that it's a bad color for guitars, but a white BB King? Is that a Michael Jackson?
  19. We also need to have some DC models readily available as well. AND quit with the fubared pickguards. AND stop calling one and two pickup guitars with humbuckers "Specials" and "Juniors"
  20. I sanded it to take some color out of the raised up bits. There were quite a few rough spots where the CNC chattered so I smoothed that out some. , but I don’t want to take out all the roughness on the finished product. After several more layers of shellac, I think I’ll end with a 400-600 grit smoothing, maybe 800, but I doubt it. I had to be careful with the first layer of shellac not to take too much of the color off. I’ll probably tint the next couple layers of shellac.
  21. I’m saving that #1 for a strat I’m working on since it will be a solid color. And looks very much like a shell pink. I have a few more days to go to get this one finished, I was able to get one layer of hand rubbed shellac, got a few more to go.
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