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  1. 3&5 was the ticket.... Results in the next couple days....
  2. Show me on the doll where Leo Fender touched you....
  3. DUDE! that is friggin' beautiful! I hate to find out what they cost because I will want one! It's between that and a Wilshire....
  4. Be sure to tell everyone they are special "Tone Wheels".... "patent applied for"
  5. Mine didn't either, just put the hole below the maple cap line.
  6. Just below the binding or maple cap for the X axis. Put the bracket on loosely to find the Y axis.
  7. I was able to add a spare 339 pickguard to my BFG, fit perfectly. Just got a bracket off eBay.
  8. It’s been down since last Thursday. See if this helps...
  9. Bring back the harmonica bridge! Abr-1 sucks. Nashville is aight.
  10. For certain the Bonamassa Amos V is a two piece no veneer. I read on the interwebz that the standard Epiphone V’s and Exploreres, may be multipiece bodies with a veneer, but I don’t own one of those so I can’t be sure.
  11. Your headstock shouldn’t look that mucked up. How long have you been using and re-using that same set of strings? I doubt the guitar is the problem, education and/or a good guitar tech is. Watch as many YouTube videos on stringing a guitar with and without locking tuners and gently stretching strings. I stretch each string about three times each and I’m solid with non-locking tuners. Locking tuners I’m set with one stretch. Your nut and saddles probably need to be filed correctly as well. This is one of the first thing a “guitar tech” worth a **** should have done. And you can tell him I said that. I have $100 guitars that stay in tune.
  12. Show us a picture of your headstock, specifically the winding on the tuner. 20 minutes of strings stretching is excessive.
  13. I like shell pink on guitars, but I’m not sure I like it on and SG. I do like the frost blue. The tort pickguard looks hideous on all the colors.
  14. I was able to read outside leg to outside leg on the tone pots, and I double checked a known pot. 500k for the tone. I was unable to read the volume pots, probably because of them being all wired up and such. But they should also be 500k I couldn’t read the caps until I took one out and it was .022, I replaced them with polyester .022’s and they sound a bit better, if I’m still unhappy I’ll try .033’s in a couple weeks. I’m pretty close to happy. But my SG and 339 still sound better...
  15. Ahh ok, and make sure it is turned all the way up, correct? I knew there had to be a sensible way..
  16. Dual P90’s, 2018 model BFG. Are these 300k? Are they all 300k? If not how can I tell? Is it stamped on the side? The only thing stamped on the backside is the Gibson logo. Anyway they breakup too quickly so I was going to try a different cap first, then change the volume to 500k. And leave the 300k tone.
  17. Is there space to add a second set of adjustment wheels? The second set could tighten the posts to the body.
  18. My best guitar is a V, I remember seeing the V2 in a store when I was a kid, I think I need one in my life. I find V's very easy to play seated.
  19. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a black or white pickguard.
  20. I would never modify my guitars from stock. It defaces them and ruins their value..
  21. Make sure the case doesn’t smell like cat pee...
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