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  1. For $2700 I’m not in the market... but if some redneck turdbaskets want to end up missing a few more teefs, we have other options.
  2. I don’t think I’d be happy with a B3 type bigsby unless I drilled some holes in the top and relocated the strap button, and I don’t want that. I took the B5 off her today. We will just leave her hartailed... I have enough bigsby’d guitars anyway. Added the poker chip..
  3. That’s a good price, I would have expected $1600-1800.
  4. I like the color. What the price tag on her though? She looks expensive...
  5. Do you have a weight estimate on her? I usually believe that ALL Gibson’s should have covered pickups, but this is a rare exception to that rule, the zebras do look nice on it. There was a similar model on the local CL but I don’t think it had the boost circuit.
  6. Our TV is on top of our console stereo, but I have a few crates of records still, and pick a new one up once in a while. Mostly punk and good country. I do have the entire Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass collection.
  7. There’s a company that makes them, but I have to ask for scrap pieces to make the truss rod covers.
  8. I haven’t plugged it in yet, I put away my Fender in anticipation of the Marshall. But it’s got two p90’s so there is no way it could sound bad. The overall feel is is very good, I’m changing the things I don’t like by adding a tremolo and pickguard and ditching the gum drop knobs. I went ahead and stole the extra amp knob I needed off my V. Then changed the V to fake amp knobs.
  9. I’m just adding to the other thread.
  10. Picked it up yesterday, lovin’ it.
  11. I don’t know too much about the model, but of the “fancy” Les Pauls honey burst is always my favorite. Congrats on a sweet guitar!
  12. She’s settling in, I’ll need a truss rod tweak tomorrow, and a couple fret ends may need a little dressing. I’m short one knob, so I need to wait to change them. (Fender amp knobs) I have a pickguard from a 339 want to add but I’m missing the bracket.
  13. I’m glad I waited this long to like a Les Paul. This thing is perfect, and priced right. I threw a B5 bigsby on it for now, I have a B7 I’m going to heavily modify and I’ll add it next string change.. I actually picked it up 45 minutes before I had to leave for a guitar lesson. It was still in tune when I opened the box. So I used it in my lesson with the factory stings. I changed the strings and added the bigsby a couple minutes ago. I’ll also be changing the knobs and adding a poker chip. The rough finish is absolutely gorgeous. I have seen burst flamed tops I wouldn’t trade this for. The silk screened “Gibson” and “Les Paul” logo are in keeping with the barely finished theme, but I think it could be a little better done, and sharper. That is my only complaint, and it’s not that big of a complaint. It is heavier than any of my SG’s but nowhere near 70’s Stratocaster weights. I would guestimate under 7.5lbs easily...
  14. Strings and picks are wear items and need to be changed often, let him explore the different types.. The guitar and amp are good enough for a very long time.
  15. That is an awesome store manager! Restoring faith in humanity...
  16. For 300 euros knock off 50 for headstock damage. still a good deal
  17. Love em' most of our movie collection is horror.
  18. It will be here Friday! But the amp I ordered won’t be here until after Christmas! That Gary Moore is beautiful! I think there is one on reverb. I can’t wait to see the finish on it, I’m thinking I could hand rub a little color into it. I need to get on the ball and cut down my B7 bigsby to B3 specs tonight!, or I could just slap a B5 on it until next string change.
  19. It’s just a sticker reminding you to remove the plastic film on the pickguard. Sometimes there are two layers.
  20. I think in the end all your kid will see is a new guitar.... Extra dad points
  21. It would take a lot of money to pry this one away from me... like ES-175 money...
  22. I’m keeping some 80’s shredders, junk parts guitars no one else would love, I may even pair down a couple SG”s. I don’t own any clunkers so it is hard to pair it down. I did see one of those listed for much more than I’m willing to pay on reverb.
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