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  1. I also have a bastard blues jr amp with an effect loop and twin English Celestions I don’t use. AND a 1954 Valco/Gretsch playboy amp I use even less....
  2. I have an epi 339, Hamer V, and a Charvel listed now, listing a Silvertone, 12 string Danelectro, Longhorn bass by this weekend, probably a telecaster and a fretless bass too.
  3. I’m trimming down the collection, I have three on CL now and three more soon, One sold last week... This is my first Les Paul!
  4. Does this model at least come with a case? Gig bag? If so all the case candy should have been put in it. Shitty business model. The box isn’t as big of a deal to me, unless I wanted to make a fort.
  5. I’m not a fan of Les Pauls, I’m a dyed in the wool SG guy. The P90 gold tops held a little interest for me, but never enough to buy one. And the older “Goth” models were mildly interesting. I just discovered the BFG yesterday, and now I’m sad I missed the earlier models with the Humbucker in the bridge, P90 in the neck and a kill switch. Newer models have either P90’s or Humbuckers, no mix and match, and the standard 2vol 2tone. I just had to pull the trigger on one even though there is no hsc... I have a spare skb I got cheap of CL a coup,e years ago. Should be here Saturday... I’ll have my bigsby ready by then...
  6. I haven’t seen one under 2k let alone $1,200! And those aren’t CS. I am holding out for an es-175 natural for under $900....
  7. that sounds like a good one, impatiently awaiting pictures......
  8. Guitar Center? Or any reputable online dealer should be falling over themselves to make this right. I’d have them send you what you ordered in pristine condition and have them send a carrier to pick up the “garbage bag” model. They can overnight you the new one for you inconvenience.
  9. I’m leaning toward 1970, the made in USA started that year, no volute. I’m pretty sure it is a deluxe, later deluxes had that goofy lovely half circle pickguard control plate. 1971 would probably have a harmonica bridge, 1973 may have the control plate and abr1 bridge. 1972 would be a bastard mix of 71 and 73. I want a harmonica bridge fubar control plate with a bigsby, 71 personally
  10. I can’t get over the body to neck ratio... Here is a picture of anyone over 5’1” playing one...
  11. I just use separate hosting. I have been using postimage.
  12. I still have a few packs of whatever was on sale 15 years ago.
  13. If there are holes in the center, strap buttons. No holes, Bigsby. Bigsby felt usually is sticky on the one side and doesn’t come off.
  14. The previous owner of my V had put a bone nut on it, I tell everyone it’s coyote bone. I have a brass nut on my Yngwie strat, I can’t tell a difference between the plastic/corian/compressed pigeon droppings on my other strat and the brass.
  15. I’m pretty sure I have a USA made B5 and a vibramate or two in my parts box. Message me if you are interested. I still think the bridge will be fine, if it rocks it will rock back the the same point.
  16. Give us shot of the back of the neck and headstock. No volute probably a 1970, volute 1971ish. But the pot are a good indicator. It is a deluxe. Probably not a 1972, Harmonica bridges started to appear that year. Friggin sweet guitar....
  17. This is how I received it... $350 with hsc... And her today..
  18. Those carvins are awesome, and that’s a nice price! I got my 2004 Gibson v for the same price a couple years ago.
  19. I bought a black graphite nut because it was $0.50 cheaper than the white one. And the color fit the guitar well. I don’t much care what it is made of, I tend to use whatever nut is currently on a guitar, and only replace them if they are irreparably broken.
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