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  1. The tone difference between the two is a source of slap fighting among internet experts. Intonation on the wrap around can be a touch wonky especially on a wound vs unwound “G” string, but there are compensated bridges available. It’s kind like the difference between a 3 barrel telecaster bridge and a 6 saddle. (I prefer the 3 barrel) I like the wrap around personally, but they are harder to come by. I think they have the cleanest look. “Top wrapping” a tuna-matic is fine and dandy, but using a flathead screwdriver and elevating the tailpiece has the same effect. (Prepare for more internet slap fighting)
  2. I can honestly say I’m not a fan of 335’s, until now... She looks beautiful, the color is gorgeous, the Bigsby is exactly as I would add to it. The binding cracks at the frets don’t bother me at all, I would probably not have noticed them. I have some guitars with them and some without, but off the top of my head I can’t recall which do.
  3. I very rarely replace a nut, unless it is totally fubared. I have an old broken bone nut I file a pile of dust from, in place of the baking soda.
  4. I got 20 seconds into the video, I doubt you can do better... https://youtu.be/mxr6COyjD1o I guess this is out for album title?
  5. B3 and a Towner bar, leave the bridge alone. I understand the stesbar works really well, but it is just about the fugliest thing you can bolt to your guitar, and I think Floyd Roses look pretty.
  6. The balance between the bass and treble on my J-45 is impeccable.
  7. Telecaster? I wouldn’t get too fancy, just the regular fender branded will be fine. I just hate those super thin ones with no padding.
  8. The best one I have is one I got off Craigslist. It’s a Paul reed smith gig bag, I’m not sure what models it comes with or if you can buy them separately. The next best one is a Fender one that came with some of the Yngwie Malmsteen strats about 15 or so years ago. A Roadrunner brand I have is ok, but not nearly as nice as the other two.
  9. I wouldn’t accept a penny less than $1300.00 USD for that one.... But I wish I could find one for under $600...... The pickups need covers.... we are not entirely uncivilized around here....
  10. I’d say the value got cut in more than half, what are they going for now?
  11. Not much cooler than a V! Congrats!
  12. I don’t get tired of looking at it...
  13. I bought my J-45 because I thought it sounded as good as a friends Takamine. I like the Guild too.
  14. The one in the picture has the Floyd Rose FRX. The B3 looks cooler, but the Floyd has its merits. With a Tuna-Matic I prefer the Towner bar and a B3, or the Floyd. I have a B7 on one SG, and have had a B5 on it, but it’s not my favorite. I think the B5 looks best on a telecaster and directly mounted. Or with a wrap around.
  15. 1992 But you must post pictures, or per forum rules you will be kicked in the nuts. Here is a 1991, to entertain you while you upload pictures.
  16. Of course I wish the guitar was $599 with a hardshell case, but wish in one hand.... The 2017 Pelham Blue standards like the one I have keep climbing in price... I luckily got mine way cheap brand new. I’m not missing out on this one... Baby needs a little sister....
  17. I think it’s overpriced but I’m going to sell off a few to buy one.... It’s just too beautiful to let it pass.
  18. Well that looks like an over-complicated mess, (bridge and tailpiece) I’m glad my 2017 SG didn’t come with that. How it supposed to work, and what does it improve?
  19. I put brass ones with pretty pearloid buttons on my J-45 at my first string change 19 years ago, I doubt it did more than lighten my wallet. 2 years ago I put the original J-45 pins on my Fender Sonoran, I doubt it did much good there either, but it gave me something to do. Not sure if those were bone or plastic. Now I have a set of black plastic Fender pins with a while dot on em I need to buy a guitar for. It’s a viscous cycle we can never escape.
  20. My 15w bastard Fender makes the neighbors ears bleed on 2. I’m looking at the 1w Marshall combo.
  21. I think my 91 has the 490/498 combo or whatever came in them that year, and two others have 57’s. What’s the difference in the 61’s?
  22. It was a 2017 Pelham Blue run, I think done for AMS. It’s beauty cannot be captured in pictures. My #1.
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