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  1. Why don't you just tell us what the asking price is.
  2. Just do the right thing and get it fixed.
  3. They can burn you for giving false info. But the Corona deal really shut down their knocking on people's doors. And the American Community Survey asks your adjusted gross income, your name ("but it's annonymous"), where you work, when do you leave and return from work, the names/ages of yourself, and all others in the household, and everyone's phone number. Law on the books allowing for an up-to $5k fine for not complying, though there has not been a penalization for it since 1970. A congressman, Poe, from Texas, challenged the fine, and won his case successfully in 2015 & 2016, I think it was.
  4. If you mean Gibson Masterbuilt, either Premium Phospor Bronze or 80/20 , 12-53 Lights, those are what come with, or came with them. Your choice. Or just put your favorites on there.
  5. Knowing how long a guitar has been for sale helps to know if a seller is more open to negotiate. The info was there, but I can't seem to find it now
  6. Now, that is only the Buy-It-Now price, it is open to offers.
  7. Here's a hint, fellas- if you paid the price that's marked on the tag- you overpaid.
  8. Merry Christmas, Hoser. Oh, there were incites, and insights as well. So what was in the glass being handed to you in your avatar? Seeing the empty Maker's Mark bottle in your video, we can only guess as to your musical influences. Either way, Merry Christmas, brother.
  9. The aunt or father has a very bright basement. Almost looks like the music room of a school or church maybe you can sneak back and get a photo of the headstock looking close at that bridge refin
  10. Hilarious, DaveF. Must be from the British part of Kentucky almost as good as the bloke a while back who commented on a song by saying except for the singing and playing, it was excellent. and I was just going to say "nice shirt"
  11. You should be able to just about get to that number.
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