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  1. I think I woulda just done the damn song request. Sometimes half of not sucking is playing what they want to hear/song selection then maybe a song of mine
  2. Congratulations (or condolences) on reaching that point in your life. I had always heard those guitars referred to as the Mk-whatever, and didn't know it was the Mark series, thanks for learning me up on that. So I thought there was going to be a reading from the book of Mark in your thread. Good luck with the sale
  3. just like all of the americans are mad at the american football team who hold the dynasty on the Superbowl, the boston patriots
  4. Hi

    I am the frаgile and gentle wоmаn who needs a strong and reliаble partner in lifе.

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  5. Sibce Gibson removed the Trading Post Nothing slanderous about relating one's own experience, and always good to consider where to say what to say. But considering all acoustic guitars ARE individuals, best to let the buyer do their own research, and play before pay when they can.
  6. Looking forward to hearing that long story. Sorry cant make a guess on year, as most know its risky to click on links that have an unfamiliar url. Usually can click on the post's reply button to get a better look, but especially not clicking when put up by a person who just joined forum yesterday. Apologies
  7. So what exactly is the difference between "the soundhole sniffer crowd" and someone who likes old Harmonys? Just askingf thank you
  8. A, then an open (non fretted) strum before the Emaj. but you didn't hear it from me
  9. You just don't get it, do you? Yeah, the man has no filter, yeah, no class. But he has enough class to know you don't go to a Gibson forum and constantly shove some other brand down everybody's throat for the glorification of your own ego, or for some other reason. You don't go to someone's house and tell the HOST how nice his neighbor's house is. This is Gibson's house.
  10. So silly https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trigger_(guitar) Silly humans Glamdring
  11. I'd rather have a musical palette than a musical pallet
  12. Four year old zombie thread. Wonder if the OP is still wondering
  13. +1 for the admission- but we also know whose divot that really is, don't we?
  14. Implied faults? The opinion about the headstock shape came off more as a preference. Zombywoof actually complimented the guitar with regard to 1) the bracing and 2) the soundhole pickup.
  15. Not figured maple. Has to be the quartersawn lizard skin. That, or the psychedelic quilt
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