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  1. Charlie Starr (Blackberry Smoke) I know this is an old topic, but just joined and felt the need to reply. P.S This is a GREAT forum !!
  2. Thanks ! Just added a new guitar today. An Ibanez AEG1211 Acoustic/Electric. All mahogany. First impression is pretty positive. Set up wasn't bad out of the box. Out of several purchases from GC, this was the 1st guitar from there that came in a box and not off the wall. Not a big deal, but its always nice to know your getting a guitar that hasn't been played by somebody that just ate at KFC !
  3. Thanks! Don't have a big budget for guitars, especially since I just play for the fun of it, but this is maybe the best purchase I've made in a long time. My other very modest gear is a 1998 MIM Fender Strat, Epiphone Les Paul Studio, Takamine G240 acoustic, Orange RC35 Amp, and Bugera 5 watt tube amp. Here's the rest of my equipment, minus the Takamine....I know it's pretty low end stuff, but I have fun with it !
  4. Thanks for the nice welcome ! Still trying to figure out how to upload images...here's a very low resolution photo of new guitar. Got it for $525.00 with hardshell case.
  5. Hey folks, Just joined this forum...looks like a great site ! I've played off an on for a while, I'm still a hack at playing, but sure do enjoy it. Just picked up my first Gibson, a lightly used 2016 faded Les Paul Studio. I am now officially in love with a piece of mahogany wood. Hope to learn a lot from this site !
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