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  1. Neither. A J45 with no pickguard is badass. ;)
  2. IMO - when it comes to things like this, "NEW" means "un-sold" or un-used by a previous owner. In that regard, a 2013 that is sitting on the shelf for a couple of years unsold, is still "new" to me. I never worried much about the "NOS" definition. That said, you should get what you pay for - a transaction is a contract, entered into in good faith, and if things are not accurately disclosed, there is no good faith. If you are happy with the guitar, I would keep it - you never know what you are going to get if they try to replace it!, but I would demand some kind of compensation for the failure to disclose - even if (and I would assume the best, here) it was not intentional, they should give you a discount or something - even at 10% or something.
  3. Thanks - it's actually a little more "brown" than the picture makes it appear I think so - my saddle is compensated (came from the factory that way - yours should be too, I think?) and I don't seem to have any issues. Not sure what the differences are in the SWD from year to year - not sure which pickup mine has from 2010 either! Saddle feels like it is CERAMIC when I take it out.
  4. Nice! Congratulations. I love my Songwriter Deluxe (2010). I set out looking for a J45, but ended up with the SWD. The sound, as others have said is "balanced" warm, articulate, and clear without the top-end brightness of say a Taylor or Martin (I also have a Martin 00028VS) and IMO - the j45, as much as I love J45's - sounded a bit muted next to the SWD, so I ended up with the SWD. What a nice combo to have. I still hope to have a j45 someday. I also think you were smart to get the full sized body - IMO it makes a difference over the cutaway. Here is mine with the pickguard peeled off and nickel Grover keystone tuners instead of the gold "butterbeans" - it knocks down the "bling" a little.
  5. Well played, sir. I forgot about the mighty Hags. :-)
  6. Other imports might be: Selmer, Framus, VOX/EKO, or one of the many Teisco Asian imports as well. Regal Recording King Jumbo?
  7. I was also thinking "import" - Gibson would have been rarer anywhere else but the US.
  8. The Ray Whitley Recording King (made by Gibson) has those appointments.
  9. Headstock looks like a Hofner or something...as well as the buttons. Maybe a Hofner 491?? Pickguard has changed on it but looking at the headstock and buttons and seeing the inlay, I'm thinking it's some kind of Hofner. I'm CHANGING my guess - Second guuess - a Gibson Ray Whitley Recording King. Those had the funky headstock and white tuner buttons! Gibson Recording King
  10. That's a lovely sunburst - my sunburst on my songwriter has that lovely "brown" quality to it, but all the pictures I take of it always make it seem more ORANGE than it really is, but your photo looks right. Love the Imperials as well. I'm not much on 'bling" but the J200's can pull it off.
  11. People make mistakes, it just so happens that you were on the receiving end of this particular one. If he consistently does good work and is truly busy, and has treated you right before, why not give him the benefit of the doubt? I work as a media producer, and sometimes people just will NOT call me back about a location or talent or scheduling - and it frustrates me, but what I've come to find out is that most people don't want to call you back unless they have a "yes" or a positive interaction - and often they are working to get a "yes" from a higher up or something, but -they avoid conflict. It sounds like he just wanted to "solve the problem" before giving you undue stress and worry, which is understandable, but frustrating. People try their best to avoid potential conflict. I'd continue to take my guitars to him in a heartbeat - this is how you build long-term relationships with people.
  12. The STAGE version has a body pack for live performance interfacing - no phone. and yeah, the leads are pretty small, but the demos online actually sound pretty amazing for what it is - and it allows you to blend your UST in with the mic, making it a pretty cheap, portable multi-source kind of add on. I just wish they would quite hyping things like that though, they claim "big rich sound like a mic in a studio!" It goes too far. It sounds pretty good for what it is, but come on :-) Here is a good audio demo review (in French) of using it that way - blending the piezo ad the mic:
  13. Great comparison. IMO, the Aura system still sounds pretty darn good - at least as far as direct plug-in systems, it seems to sound the most full and natural to me overall, even as they keep coming out with new ways to mount mics and pickups and things, the AURA still sounds about as good as a "plugged in" acoustic can I suppose. The Boss pedal with the resonance control definitely improved the sound of the UST by leaps and bounds though! Nice to hear. I wonder if anyone has tried to compare things like this to the rather inexpensive iRig Acoustic STAGE version with the clip-on mic and body pack. The demos sound much better than the product seems like it SHOULD sound - and not just the IK manufacturer demos, even videos online by users. Just curious.
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