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  1. Whats up guys, I have a Gibson Les Paul studio deluxe 60's. Im contempt with pickups it has in it i think a burst bucker and something else. But i am starting to play more hard rock and metal stuff. If i were to throw in Crunch lab and Liquifire could i still achieve decent metal tones and nice cleans. I play in my church so the cleans would be for that. I listen to bands like Devin Townsend Project, Foo Fighters, Periphary,dream Theater, Rosetta, After the Burial,scale the summit, Between the buried and me, I also listen to classic rock. basically i want a realy versatile pick up. I listen th
  2. The epiphone model has the same neck I just played it yesterday. I love the neck and it is fat but the no paint makes it super quick
  3. Hey guys I know its a Gibson forum and all but I'm split between a fender telecaster Nashville or a jaguar special which should I go for
  4. Never had a problem but as soon as a guitar comes home dimarzio strap locks get put on to it.
  5. I made a real lousy one using a cigar box( obviously) and a harmony guitar neck so mine is 6 stringer I personally would go 4 string
  6. Where do you live? the guitar center by me has a Tony and a Dave. TGB
  7. My new goal in life marry a women who will play guitar hero in lingere TGB
  8. Here's a picture http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae324/edge013/iphonepictures519.jpg
  9. Check out the Sheraton and drop a Duncan in bridge u will be in love
  10. Hey guys just got a used epiphone nighthawk for 299.00.its such a versatile guitar it's so awesome and comfy to play everybody should get one. I will post pics when I wake up. Does anyone else have one? TGB
  11. Dimarzio are awesome they're super easy to install
  12. Vox-ac15, spider iv, crate, oldcsupro tube amp TGB
  13. So I have a Sheraton II it's my dream guitar it's awesome but I wanna put. Higher output hums in it. Am looking at dirty fingers, bare knuckles, seymor duncans. I play in a church band and also play rock metal and everything in-between. Any suggestions TGB
  14. I have a Sheraton II one of the best choices I have made it's so awesome and kills. I am putting new hum buckers in tho TGB
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