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  1. I dont think I will let it go just yet mate, I still love the way it sounds. But if I ever change my mind I will let you know
  2. Hello everyone, I would like to thank you all for sharing your opinions and knowledge about the topic with me, I think I will end up re-finishing it. It still sounds great so I dont think I will let it go in the near future.
  3. When I bought my 50s tribute les paul everything was going perfectly, but sadly after two weeks of usage (I treated it as my own daughter all the time), it started showing some signs of paint loss, when I took the guitar to the place I bought it to ask for guarantee, they said that the cause of my issue was natural wear of the paint. I thing its unnacceptable they said that to me, I have owned other guitars for the past 6 years and none of them have ever had a single scratch, I dont know why this happened to me or how I can act to get some help or a serious response. Any help would be very appreciated. (Obviously I bought it from an official distributor)
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