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  1. A follower of 'blues' music since the early 60's with vinyl to prove it, I thought that Cream was heavy metal. I am still uneasy when it comes to some rated bands: singers specifically. I am an admirer of the guitarists who came out of the Yardbirds. Clapton left to follow a more fundamental blues line. Ex Yardbirders, Beck and Page are at the top when it comes to virtuosity. But singers? Robert Plant was named by "heavy metal magazine as the greatest metal vocalist of all time". And that's my problem.Comments on a postage stamp, or smaller, please.
  2. My daughter has perfect pitch. I neither sang on rugby trip buses or in the bath.
  3. There are some advantages to being of more mature years. Still got my 60's vinyl. My daughter has just bought tickets for the family to see the Rolling Stones' "No Filter" concert in London on May 22. Read and weep. The last time I saw full line up was in the late 70's, in the front row St James' Park in Newcastle. My chest hurt for a week after standing in front of the bass drivers. There were no concession tickets available!
  4. Our UK retailers seem to be able to knock lumps off some of their 'end of season prices'. I've benefited with Gibson and Gretsch instruments but not too the eyewatering extent being described in the USA. Having checked a number of financial statements, (nosey type), there is still healthy profit being made! The answer Is to wait until the new year's models are in the pipeline.
  5. USD 1,950 translates into GBP 1,473, at today's rates. At which price you could just about buy an 'ES 335 Studio' in the UK. Whatever the CME price quoted it does not reflect regularly available real world prices. What is alled 'comparing apples and pears' (still being polite).
  6. Hi Jeffy, I don't know where the prices quoted come from but USD 2,400 translates to GBP 1,750 and you couldn't buy a '335' for that kind of money in the uk.



  7. To be polite, I would call you misinformed. This is the current CME Gibson ES 355 Page with second hand and demo prices...... https://www.chicagom...355&type=reverb Unless you want a 30 year old instrument, in which case CME are offering one with; "Cosmetic Condition: Minor play wear. Some chips in binding. Some small finish chips on upper side, near binding;" for US$ 2,250. All extracts from CME website taken at 08.20 London local time.
  8. I've been hankering after an '59 Les Paul for some time but to achieve that, something has to go. I am putting my Gibson "Lucille" on the market. Product detail: ARLC16EBGH1 no.13635709. It's unplayed after being professionally set up and is in pristine condition. UK Price is £2,875 and US$ 4,000 (indicative).UK delivery is available and shipment to the USA or Europe can be arranged. Photographs may be seen https://www.gumtree....ion-/1288718701
  9. "Ya pays ya money and takes ya choice." In the 60's, I was offered a Ford Mustang for my Healey 3000. For me no contest.
  10. " S&P frets over Gibson Guitars' debt problem". Bankers and others will make an investment decision based on the results of negotiations with the Gibson board. Until then, keep faith with your product experience.
  11. The case described looks rather like the one supplied with the Les Paul Studio HP in England. 0ne thing's for sure, it will take up a large chunk of your luggage allowance if you fly with it!
  12. I had a terrible head cold over Christmas.
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