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  1. Would you prefer and spend US$2,100 in an Epiphone Casino Elitist?
  2. Just purchased an Epiphone Casino Inspired by John Lennon at US$650. The guitar has a fret buzz at the high E string on the 17th fret. How do i solve this issue? Should i just hammer the 18th Fret or woul i need to play with the bridge height or the truss rod? In addition to this, would you recommend any upgrades to this model?
  3. I have recently been offered an Epiphone Casino Sunburst "Inspired by John Lennon" model made in 2011 at US$700? Is it really worth it? What are the major issues of this model? How is it compared to the Elitist model which i have searched all over the internet and the only way to get one is by EBay in Japan. What should i check before purchasing this guitar.
  4. Bottom line, the only upgrade you will do to a Made in China Casino are the Grover tuners and the nut? or would you mess with the pots and electronics also?
  5. Recently purchased a 2016 Les Paul Traditional with serial number 160076799. The seller argues the color is Iced tea burst. Is this true? Can this be identified through the serial number above? Please confirm.
  6. My 2013 Les Paul Traditional is sounding dull and dark. Consequently, i decided to unsolder both classic 57 and classic 57 plus pickups to verify the resistance. This was the result: Neck Pickup ---- Classic 57 = 6.7 k Bridge Pickup ---- Classic 57 Plus = 7.5 k Is this normal? I bough this guitar used in 2014 on ebay? Is it normal that the pickups sound so dark and dull? Should i invest in a new set of pickup or simply sell this guitar as it it? My Sg 61 reissue pickups measure 7.75k each and sound perfect.
  7. What about applying some crazy glue to that fret exactly? will it work?
  8. Is not that quite expensive here in Panama, Central America. He charges US$125 which seems affordable. However he says that the bottom white binding will be lost. It will be refrettes as an Epiphone guitar which does not have the white bindings
  9. Guys, Bottom line, the luthier could not fix the problem, even though he used some epoxy material to feel the gaps. He has suggested to refret the entire guitar, which i dont think is appropiate. I have attached this closer photo of the third fret and whenever i do a pull off on the G note you can hear the detune of the note at the end in a more pronunciated way than the other notes. Cant I fix this problem myself with your help online specially on this fret. I dont want to refret the entire guitar, it could be a risk.
  10. this a 2004 les paul standard 60s slim neck profile which i bought 2 years ago used on EBAY. I have been using it with .9s. Dont know if changing to .10s will solve the problem which is present from fret 1 to fret 22 meaning the whole fretboard. i.e if i attempt to play RUsh "The spirit of radio" falling into the gap detunes the pulloffs slightly. What are your recommendations? I am taking the guitar to the luthier tomorrow and need to give him the right directions for the problem to be solved.
  11. My 2004 Les Paul Standard has a problem on all frets. Whenever i accomplish pull offs on the high e-string, it gets a little bit stuck and causes a detuning sound from the note. Watching the frets closely i have noticed that there is a small gap between the metal fret and the white binding aound the fret. this is the gap where the string falls when doing the pull offs and detunes the note slightly. How can I fix this problem?? Will i need to refret the entire guitar? What can i tell my luthier to do?
  12. Still undecided on replacing the burstbucker pro on my Gibson Les Paul Standard. What are the main differences between the BB 1 & 2 and the Burstbucker pro? Are the BB 1 and 2 wax potted now? Looking for the closest 1960 PAF sound. Please advise.
  13. Which Gibson Humbuckers get very close or equals to the PAF Neck and T-Tops Bridge of the 60s and 70s? Still trying to find the early Jimmy Page Les Paul # 1 set up.
  14. What pickups did Jimmy Page used for real in the Les Pauls he used in The Song Remains the Same DVD (Madison Square Garden 1973)? My Les Paul came with Burstbucker pro 1 and 2 and I am still not nailing the Led Zeppelin Live tone from that Year. However my 2005 Gibson ES-335 dot reissue carries 2 Classic 57 humbuckers and it sounds closer. Did he carried PAF pickups on those 2 guitars? For example, SInce Ive Been loving you, Celebration Day, Black Dog.
  15. How can I safely manage to change the treble tone pot on a 2005 ES-335 reissue without taking all the wiring and pots out of the guitar through the F holes? I only need to change that pot, both the volume pots and the neck tone pot are perfect. In the other hand, the treble tone pot scratches a little bit when i lower the tone to 3 or 4. Question 2, if it is really crucial to change, can i swap this pot with a 500k gibson pot replacement for les paul standard?
  16. Yes, sure buddy. Marshall are nice but too expensive. I also heard those reissue are assembled in China and no longer provide the same quality and parts as the original ones made in the 60s and 70s Bottom line, they really suck!!
  17. Using a Fender Twin Reverb 65 Reissue through a Carl Martin Plexitone overdrive. Want to get that Led Zeppelin live les paul feedback aka The Song Remains the Same 1972-1973 concerts!
  18. I own a set of gibson burstbucker pro 1 & 2 but plan to change them for Burstbucker 1 & 2 due to the lack of feedback. Is this healthy? or should i mantain my les paul standard with burstbucker pro 1 & 2! You sometimes you want to have some feedback to play with. It seems quite impossible with these pickups
  19. My Les Paul Standard seems to be giving me tuning problems after the 12th fret on my 1st E string (.009). I have noticed this while playing octaves, after the 12th fret the notes sound out of tune. Should I start moving the saddles in the bridge?? Every time i take the guitar to the luthier he charges me US$60- 80 to change the strings which i provide and do the corresponding set up. Please advice.
  20. I am looking for a DVD of the full concert not just one song.
  21. Where can i get a dvd or video of Jeff Beck playing his Oxblood Les Paul in concert. Anyone knows about the 1975 blow by blow album tour? It would be really nice to appreciate the tone from such guitar live.
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