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  1. I would think Gibson itself would be the best to answer those questions without someone making an unintended error here...
  2. If you haven't yet, return it
  3. She's pretty alright. I hope you give us some feedback on quality and build. I just have this thing about the brand moving into China. When Gretsch was in the states many moons ago is when they had all the love.
  4. Thx guys...several Midtowns I'm looking at.
  5. chas1133

    NGD ES-275

    It's a beauty. I have an issue with Gibson using Richlite at the price point here....I know they're a business but...
  6. So there's that much of a difference between the ES and Studio?
  7. Thanks B...this would be my 2nd Gibby as I have a really nice LP...time for a semi-hollow...
  8. I am considering both of these (actually I'm only gonna buy one) but trying to decide. Looking for some input and opinions from owners....
  9. Absolutely Justin Sandercoe, JamesJames AKA Privettricker and Marty Schwartz. These guys are talented, generous with their time and gifts. They never ask for a dime.Marty does sell DVD's and lessons but gives alot for free.
  10. My guitar mechanic has a customers for sale...he's asking 3k and it's like new. I played it when I played the '46 LG-2. I thought it was too much personally but I'm sure somebody would pay it
  11. you gotta really want one to pay that kinda jack. Personally I do not like gold tuners, bridges and p/u covers...
  12. So what is the diff between Midtown and Memphis (339 is it?)
  13. Picked up a really nice Dot just to feel a semi-hollow again (it's been years). I also stole an acoustic "Artist" version in cherry that looks and sounds really nice in alternate tuning: Rain Song, etc...
  14. I'm not a gold hardware fan either. Wilshire look a like body style without bat wing head stock
  15. Reverb is better than the bay if you're selling. They take less for their piece. Ebay will always side with the buyer, regardless of issues. I had them. I use Reverb now strictly for my GAS flips and keepers. They're good. No trix to it as all have said here. I think you get better prices if you buy
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