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  2. Your action at the 12th fret should look like this. https://www.12fret.com/wp-content/gallery/5-64ths/dynamic/5-64ths_crop2.jpg-nggid047200-ngg0dyn-845x0x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010.jpg
  3. lol well spotted, my bad for replying on my phone. He should try measuring in at around 1.50 if he has a string action ruler. Not 150mm!!!
  4. A little over 2mm is quite high for a Les Paul. It should be around 150mm , which is closer to 5/64 at the 12th fret. Unless of course you like your action higher? A business card might work to determine the neck relief of another guitar but never a Les Paul or a SG in my opinion. Have you made the common mistake of attempting to "bolt" your tailpiece to the guitars body by screwing it all the way down? If so loosen it a little bit, it'll ease tension on the strings which may reduce and even eliminate any perceived "fret buzz". Especially if you like your action low. It'll improve tuning too.
  5. You totally get it and I fully agree with everything you're saying!!!
  6. Pfft what is this Californian sounding language I'm seeing on my screen? It's a known fact that we saved the UK a bunch of times and inspired them to learn electric guitar. Back when I was in the army we called British soldiers "borrowers" because they preferred our equipment! Now don't get me wrong, I have great respect for British troops. Hell I even knew some I loved and considered kin. But all this crazy talk about 0.13 neck relief with a bunch of psychic predictions thrown in... what is this, a madhouse? As for the bankruptcy thing, well that only happened because Obama stole a bunch of wood from Gibsons factory. But thankfully he's gone and we've finally got the right guy in charge. Now like I done told y'all before, pick up your SG's and make them great again.
  7. Yeah and you make a good customer by using their forum, so how about that jack Y'all remember to set your Gibson up the American Way now.
  8. Why, you looking for a space ride to awesomeness? Just follow my set-up tips and you'll get there pal. There's two ways of doing things the right way, aka the American way or the European way. That's how we won two world wars for them. The Brits weren't even allowed to play American guitars back in the day, did you know that? Yeah their government put an embargo on 'em. If it wasn't for us Europe probably wouldn't even exist and if by some miracle it managed to survive without our help they'd still be playing lutes and harps in tights because they'd have no electric guitars. We're the greatest nation on earth and we make the greatest electric guitars in the world. Period. So they need to open their ears and pay attention when we're giving them advice
  9. Amen to that brother. When it comes to neck relief I usually start at .002 which is standard for most Gibsons. However my personal sweet spot is between .004 and .006 neck relief on a SG but never, ever any higher. Then I raise the tailpiece a little bit and it'll remain in tune with perfect 5/64 - 3/64 action at the 12th fret and great sustain no matter how hard I play. Raising the action higher than a Gibson's native 5/64 - 3/64 settings isn't the solution to "fret buzz", like a lot of people, especially Europeans seem to believe. It's just a cause for more problems. Gibsons are designed and built and set-up to accommodate low action for a reason. As such they go out of tune and feel uncomfortable to play when this reason is disrespected. It's just common sense. If I bought a sports car and deliberately made it slower and incapable of reaching its maximum potential and THEN blamed the manufacturer when it failed to achieve great speeds it'd be my fault, not theirs... yet too many guitarists mishandle their Gibsons in a similar way. The they blame the company instead of taking any responsibility for how stupid they've been. I've never played or encountered a brand new Gibson guitar in a licensed suppliers store with high action or fret buzz. Used Gibsons are a separate matter.. But a lot of people these days don't use guitar stores, they order online and most of the time it isn't even from an official Gibson supplier. They just think to themselves, "wow I've found a bargain!!! It's cheaper here than elsewhere!!!" and then they blindly charge in Then they learn the hard way why it was cheaper and what happens when you buy from a non authorized Gibson supplier... Also, humidity and temperature changes can wreck an instruments set-up while it's in transit and that's beyond anyone's control. Even Gibson. But returning it to its native settings is easy if you respect what it is. There's guys out there wrapping their strings around the tailpiece and swearing by it. Like it's some kind of mystical solution to a problem THEY have actively created and caused throughout their years of playing. What's the point of going through all that trouble while causing cosmetic damage to your equipment in the process? Just raise the tailpiece instead Gibson themselves also need to stop confusing matters. They need to stop telling people "not all Gibsons are the same...". That's just a sales pitch. They're all built the same and they're all designed to do the same thing So anyone could achieve the exact same action as me too. All this talk about 0.12 neck relief... that myth needs to die hard. It's right up there with "lower your tailpiece for more sustain!" I've assumed command of this operation and I'm here to liberate Europe from bad advice. Like my grandpa did back in WW2. Because God damnit that's what Americans are meant to do.
  10. With what their psychic powers? lol get over yourself you "obnoxious a$$". I fire guys with your lazy attitude on a regular basis so I'm not impressed by your big boy voice. 0.12 neck relief in a SG, seriously... who even... it's a SG not a god damn Fender. God bless America
  11. He was probably told to set it up that way by someone from Europe.
  12. Your lil psychic prediction is fascinating and all but I'm still the guy with a SG that plays and sounds better than yours :P Trump 2020
  13. Why you commenting then? You can't change the fact that Trump is POTUS (and will be again in 2020) But you CAN make your SG great again. Thank me later.
  14. You triggered by Trump's name or something? lol I've been working in the UK for a while and I swear, no one here knows how to set-up a Gibson guitar. They mangle the way they're meant to be set up and then they blame the guitar for their own stupidity, "waah it won't stay in tune waah bad quality waah I want a Fender now waah I'll never buy Gibson again". I think it's because Epiphones are heavily used here so Gibsons are set up to feel and play like something from China, well that's an act of terrorism against an American instrument if you ask me. I have personally reprimanded so many British guitar techs and clerks in guitar stores for the way they treat Gibsons and they all deserved it. 5/64 - 3/64 action at the 12th fret otherwise it's communism.
  15. You nanced up to me with the attitude pal, so don't go playing victim. I'm gonna do you a favor and ignore you from now on. Enjoy your bargains buddy
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