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  1. Thanks guys for all the feedback received. I am just back from a trip so I did not have the time to reply. I am new to Gibson as I have always been playing with custom ESP Horizon. I agree with the general conclusion here, that it is a modified Les Paul Studio. The paint has been done over the holes when they removed the pick protection. I just wonder how they manage to add the third central mic. My only concern is that it would be a Chinese copy if they do these ones with 3 mics. The whammy bar is a stetsbar and it does look genuine. I had a look at the box behind the knobs and that i
  2. Do you think they ever built that ?
  3. You can add his brother Roger Moore today. RiP
  4. That is because the thread is about "your favorite guitarist ever." I would say: James Hetfield He knows how to play some fast and powerful song. He can sort of sing at the same time, he looks awesome with a guitar and he seems to be a nice guy. If it was "name The best guitarist ever (According to you)" I would say: Stevie Ray Vaughan or Yngwie because I do not know enough about their skills but they look impressive. and another one for the fun "your favorite performer who knows how to play guitar" I would say: Elvis! because he is my dad and he is the f'n KING!
  5. So I bought this one the past week end at the Pawn shop. I am not sure it is what it looks like as I have not been able to find much on internet about these specs. I have the original model no: LPSTGASB____ ? Any thoughts about what it is exactly ? I am betting on a modified Studio. Apart from that, I have already played with it a couple of hours and it sounds awesome.
  6. thanks man. I will post something in the Les Paul forum now as I have a specific question.
  7. Hello .... I recently bought a new guitar, Gibson LP modified and that helped to get some more interest in playing again... 20 years of playing the same thing just to keep up my level ... Well I lost it a bit, I used to be able to play any Metallica rythmic.
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