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  1. Hello everyone, I own a epiphone sg g400 that I´m currently having some issues with, and I would appreciate your help. here´s the problem I use 0.11 (ernie ball) strings tuned in standard E, I used them for a number of year, but recently I had to adjust the neck, and I can not adjust the intonation to save my life, the lower E is always flat, so usually when one runs out of space adjusting the saddles this means you should tweak with the neck, in my case, since it´s flat I should lessen the relief. The problem is I´m running out of neck relief and still cant adjust the intonation, the lowe
  2. I would sugest selling the ones you have and getting the correct one. But if you really wanna try to fit them in, some pictures would help.
  3. Hi guys heres my story, I got this old SG g400 and my brigde is just useless now. After 10 years I cant ger her intonation right, the strings are half way down the saddles. So I need a new bridge, I sent a email to gibson and asked them what bridge should I buy, I have the old version of the g400 kludson tuners , and no thumbscrews to set the action , you could only do it with a screwdriver. They told me I should get a PBR - 101, I couldnt find this bridge anywhere, neither in the US or out of it. I live in Brazil. Any chance someone has seen one of these on the net? is the information gi
  4. My Bands Ep is done just wanted to share it here http://www.4shared.com/file/181736846/4ade806f/Violet_EP.html www.myspace.com/violetbnd myspace is still under construction
  5. never say die - black sabbath
  6. Sin

    SG buzz

    If its the original plastic nut that came with the SG the best thing to do is trash it. Get a good one cut by a luthier for you, it is something cheap, and worth doing tone wise. this web site can ship some for you and has several options on the material the nut is made out of http://www.stewmac.com/
  7. Sin


    my guitar looks like she's been thru a wood chipper, last time she went to a luthier for a tune up, the guy asked me ,you want me to do so cosmetic work on her? I said 'no I like the battle scars"
  8. Sin

    SG flamed top

    thanks Geff, so it is a matter of "looks" the flamed effect can only be done with maple.
  9. Sin

    SG flamed top

    why all flamed top SGs have to be out of maple (the top at least)? the supreme and the limited ed. autumn burst both have maple on it, why cant it be mahogany? I understand that a full mahogany guitar wood be a killer to my wallet but even so, if they are ment to be the best , why not go full mahogany? Is the would grain to make the flamed to only achievable with maple? or is it a cost cut or a weight cut?
  10. Sin

    Tuner Keys

    check this site out http://www.stewmac.com/ it has the specs for most things, I opened a thread just like this a while back, if you want a drop in replacement , you wont get it if you have klusons, the holes on the headstock that the grover require are much wider. But kluson has several options http://www.wdmusic.com/shop_by_category_tuning_machines_kluson_3_per_side.html heres the link
  11. Well my guitar is set-up to my taste and most of the questions I had were answered here , so a big thanks to everyone that helped. Also my band is recoding in a month or two , first recording just to listen to ourselves and fix some glitches we may find, then the real recording in another month or two. So if any one would be interested in listening to the sg you helped setup I'll leave here the (still in construction ) myspace of the band bands website www.myspace.com/lecabaretband cheers Lien
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