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  1. Are these things worth the extra money? I play an 03 LPS through a Texas Red Hot Rod.. Will these things really make a difference in my sound? Any thoughts would be appreciated!!
  2. Lark Street my man, Lark Street. Without a shadow of a doubt..Good Lucky
  3. Congrats, damn, Xmas is still 11 days away...
  4. GLPS@35


    Awesome dude, I totally overlooked this. Ive got to get to guitar center to try these babies. Merry Xmas thanks.
  5. GLPS@35


    I think I'm gonna go with the Digitch...It's on sale, $199.00 off!
  6. GLPS@35


    I'm looking at getting a looper for Xmas. I was kind of looking for a little input. Here are the two I was looking at. Boss RC-20XL Loop Station or the DigiTech JamMan Looper Pedal Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! thanks
  7. From what Ive seen over the last 7 months of shopping for amps, I believe this to be true...Good Luck
  8. GLPS@35

    Hotrod Deluxe

    Yea me too! It has the Vintage 30 Celestian in it too! Which is great! So when i get it home i turn it on, plug her in, and its master is set on 3. I strike one note, and the girls nearly hit the ceiling! Wow! So after messing with it, I found that anything louder then a 1 is nearly too loud for the house. Whats amazing is how great it sounds at such a low level. Unreal! I will be jamming with it tonight for the true test!!!:-
  9. GLPS@35

    Hotrod Deluxe

    her it is http://www.elderly.com/fmic/items/HRDLXLTD3.htm ...jut awesome....got it for $699 seen these going all year for $950. im extremely stoked' date=' notice, the vintage 30 speaker!
  10. GLPS@35

    Hotrod Deluxe

    After 7 months of research Ive decided on the Hotrod Deluxe Bluesman for my LP. Got it $400 off retail! All of a sudden there having huge wharehouse clearance sales. Anyone waiting on a deal, nows the time! Thanks for all the great input fellas! ?
  11. Ive been battling this issue for the last 8 months..Everyone tells me I'd be crazy to cover up, or drill into it. I think they're right...Good Luck!
  12. Ok so I've narrowed my search down to two all tube amps in my price range, since you guys talked me out of a modeling amp. Fender Deluxe VM or this Marshall MHZ40C.. Both play great, have reverb, chorus etc...and are around $700 -$800...I was thinking I would add a tone lab later on down the road...I'm just torn between the two... Anybody?
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