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  1. Any stock or "near stock" saddle replacement for Epiphone Masterbilt DR500 M. Doesn’t matter if it’s bone or Tusq. 72mmx8mmx3mm 14” radius I noted that the fretboard radius is 14” by the printed specs for the guitar, and honestly not many 14” radius saddle choices around. I have used Bob Colosi before and he does superb work, but is a bit pricey at 28 bills plus 7 ship. I have spoken with stewmac/allparts and no available precut. They have 14” radius saddles but only at 70 mm length. If I could find something close at that radius to sand down, other than a blank (I am not good at building an appropriate saddle). My local luthier is closed due to the plague but I would guess that it would be 75, since he would have to fit and set up . Wondering what anyone has used previously on a DR500 Masterbilt Thanks
  2. Well true, but I left out that the necks are bowed to the point that on the first five frets or so you can't get a complete note on any string. I noticed that although each had a truss rod cover, the actual truss rod nut was in the sound hole at the base of the neck. If they were at least decent fake players they might be worth a couple hundred, but I passed. They are new no doubt, but the machine heads functioned pretty poorly. Better as a wall hanger in a club maybe. That amount of money would be better invested in a new Epi Dove or EJ200, or a used Masterbilt, IMHO. Hello to you as well. I always enjoyed the folks here and when the moon is blue I drop in. Law Enforcement? When on earth did I disclose that on the forum, or did I arrest you at one time . LOL. The wife says that even though I am retired that I still act too much like I am checking someone out during normal social interactions. So now I have no choice but to open an investigation on her.
  3. Hello All, Hope the New Year finds all of you in good spirits. I wanted to pass this information and photos along concerning a couple fake Gibsons (J-200 and a Dove), at a local Pawn Shop. This pawn company has over 10 stores in my town. But to their credit they are mostly an honest group of merchants. Just before Christmas I came across this J-200. It was labeled as a Gibson with a price under 400 bucks. I told one of the staff there that it was clearly a fake and he was very pleasant and said that they had a person that made the rounds of their shops, and would take appropriate action after it was inspected. I conveyed my concern that it shouldn't even be displayed for sale unless it was authenticated, to prevent an unsuspecting person from thinking they were buying a Gibson. Today I stopped in to see if it was still there and was pleased to see they had added in pen, " Replica", above the Gibson title. Now, along with the J-200 they had added a Gibson Dove. The label did say Replica. So that's fair. I asked where they were getting these and was told "a person came in and sold them both to them. Funny the Dove was not there before. But I decided to post these pictures for those that never came across fake Gibsons, and I'll add my two cents about fakes. Regardless of the appearance, as soon as you pick one of these up it screams "fake". The feel of the neck, the fake "Grover" machines, the inlays, the playability, and the labels confirm any suspicions of what you are dealing with. No stamped serial number or Made in the USA, and in the case of the Dove, I removed the battery cover to discover "no preamp wires to the bridge even". The headstock logos were not simply painted on and so could not be scraped with a fingernail, but appeared have a lacquer cover over a reflective type pearl paint or even fake inlay, that made it look like MOP when turned back and forth in the light. So buyer beware. If you are unsure find someone who knows Gibson before you shell out your money. I think this post would be a good opportunity for members to share their stories and their wisdom concerning Fakes............That reminds me does anyone remember that web store from India that had a whole catalog of "Givsons"? http://www.shopius.in/givson
  4. Wow I just marvel at what those guitars and that super reverb amp would be worth today? What guitar are you holding and what is that amp behind you, if you remember?
  5. Oh these are great pics.......feel free to contribute. Don't worry about what family, friends and others think. Here you are stars.
  6. Oh these are great pics.......feel free to contribute. Don't worry about what family, friends and others think. Here you are stars.
  7. Hello all. I joined the forum in about 2008 or so, but I am no longer an active posting member. I just wanted to pop in and look around and say Hi. The place still has great conversations and ideas and opinions. . And this, well this is just a fun post to give you a break from the serious Gibson business. And yes you need bone pins, bone saddles and the best of the best strings. I recalled a thread started in 2011 "Post your Old Band picture or your Old Self picture ". The responses on the thread showed us a time when we were young, played the music, and our creativity seemed boundless. And of course, our fashion sense was unequaled....we thought. How wonderful to see faces of people that were feeling pretty confident and cool and bewildered and happy about their music, and just having fun. Great to see the promising Gibson Forum stars, from as early as 1953 through the 60's,70's,80's, 90's, 2000's. Some brooding rebels course, but most showed the faces of happy music makers. I hope many of the past and recent members will get a kick out of it, and I encourage the revival of a similar thread if you so desire. Best wishes and greetings to all. 'Get your ya ya's out' DonCarlos These were the two posts, from the Gibson and Epiphone forums. Gibson forum post: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/69376-post-your-old-band-picture-or-your-old-self-picture/page__hl__%2Bshow+%2Bus+%2Byour+%2Bearly+%2Bband+%2Bor+%2Bperformance+%2Bpictures Epiphone forum post: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/69192-post-your-old-band-picture-or-your-old-self-picture/
  8. Hello again. Sold for the "buy it" now price, so I got the price I wanted (always a good thing). Thanks to all those that looked in on it.
  9. Hello All, With some regret I am listing my 97 Casino (Peerless) with original (VT) vibratone. May seem a bit pricey to some, but you do not see this ebony with original VT from Peerless factory. I did add some upgrades that left no footprint. Over the years I received a couple offers from members but it I wasn't interested in selling. In any event here is the listing. If it goes for that price …then great…if not, then I will try again in future when the whim hits me or not. LOL http://www.ebay.com/itm/1997-Epiphone-Casino-rare-MIK-Peerless-w-E-vibratone-w-OHSC-/271933741082?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f5083981a Best Regards
  10. I would have given a "blanket" endorsement of any Korean made guitar over Chinese, but after picking up a Chinese made Masterbilt, I am impressed indeed. The Chinese know how to make guitars and it's all about quality assurance and following the design to the letter. Bravo China
  11. Glad I stopped in to see that. If you pop your head in GG, "big hello to you", and spending more time on something else like horses is a good thing. Enjoy. I have jumped out of this Gibson nonsense as well. Guitars are just a piece of wood and strings regardless of who makes them. A great guitarist can make any brand sing like a nightingale, but a brand can't make a good guitarist. There are clearly examples of each on this forum.
  12. Hello all. I have posted less and less over the years, and now I am officially released from Gibson ownership. Fabulous guitars no doubt but I really got kind of tired babysitting the thing. When prices reach the amounts paid for a Gibson, then you tend to have to do that. I feel strangely relieved and free of the expensive guitar bondage, I spent more time caring or worry over my J45 than playing it (Was it out of the case too long….should we move out of the desert….what's the humidity…..is my damp-it dried out…..did I wipe it down…..does it know I am complaining about it"? So, when the mood to play or record hit me, I was always turning to my Epi Masterbilt or my old Eko or my cheap Gemini 3, to play. Music flowed more easily. But that is my take on the Gibson and I mean no disrespect to any of you. Everyone here has been great members to interact with, and wow such talented people (Yes I am talking about you Mr. Gibs and Aussie and many others), I will still be over at the Epi forum in the future, but no longer here. No more acoustic guitars over a few hundred bucks, Like Dave Ramsey says "Freedom". Thanks to all of you for your great advice and insights.
  13. +1 Just as good as the computer software recording setups and easier. I still use the Akai DPS 24 (but those are no longer manufactured, and hard to find, most are scooped up when they hit ebay). Let us know what you ultimately decide.
  14. In the same spirit …….. Any more on GG (Karen)?
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