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  1. Looks to me like a 5 piece body, so your point being? A flying V should be a one piece if you are gonna be a jerk about it.
  2. A very beautiful guitar but at this detail, especially on the fretboard, this is more like a piece of art than an instrument.
  3. Pelham blue? :o I wish i could have chosen that color on my G400 Pro. Sadly, the G400 Pro only comes in black or red. But I hate tremolo bridges. I play exclusively on guitars with no tremolo. But i will try to get my hands on an Epiphone SG Prophecy Custom GX. For me this is the ultimate Epiphone SG.
  4. The MIJ I have seen have Gibson style truss rod covers. Just two bolts, not three. But this could mean nothing.
  5. Thank you. =) It is not perfect but its a good start =)
  6. Been playing for little over 2 years now but I still practice everyday. Here is a track where I experiment with different aspects of my guitar. Setup for this recording: Guitar: Epiphone G400 Pro Amp: Laney Ironheart IRT Studio Fender The Bends Compressor pedal.
  7. In your opinion, yes. These guitars are good, but it is nearly impossible to get a hand on one and the price for one is as much as a good Gibson guitar. Why buy a copy if you can get the original for the same price? And i intend to. I have sought out a Gibson model i really want, which is no longer being sold but is easier to find than the M.I.J Epis.
  8. I have this 1966 Suzuki Nagoya nr. 12, with real binding
  9. https://nb.imgbb.com is specially in mind for forums like these.
  10. Absolutely. I agree with you on this. They have some better sustain and clarity. The G400 Pro also have coil splitting, which also can be a huge advantage for getting more tones. I love this feature. Depending on what you are gonna play, the amount of wood in the guitar will also define the sound. For me an LP sound better but is much heavier. For my gritty tones SG is perfect.
  11. Indeed but I guess those guitars must have wood pieces matching in hue and saturation. Else you will get that parquet/brick effect. And that would not be so nice. Using veneer, you dont have to sort the wood for color, hue and timbre properties. You eliminate the problem. You only need wood that has some timbre properties.
  12. The wood is good enough quality, just that its in 4 pieces. Would look like a parquet floor. Or bricks made of wood. I would prefer that red glossy veneer over that brown dull guitar you posted. But would you care? Probably not. If you buy a custom guitar, you can probably get it it plain wood with pink neon flamingos on it, if you desired. This is however in the totally wrong end of that scale to complain. These are functional and look great for what you pay. If you want better, there is always Gibsons for you. This is my Epiphone G400 Pro 2015 Model. It looks great, for the fact i just b
  13. The body is real wood. Veneer is also real wood, although just a thin layer. Its all wood. Those guitars are amazing compared to old beginner guitars. A guitarist I know told me how awful the cheaper guitars in the 70's was. He wish he grew up with beginner segment guitars like mine. I paid $230 for my Epiphone G400 Pro brand new, and $35 for my Epiphone LP special II second hand. Its a lot of guitar for that price, and this is what its all about. The G400 Pro was badly set up so I used another $70 to get it adjusted and got better strings at an luthier. These are not Gibsons. But even G
  14. I can turn my G400 Pro to single pickup mode. Not as good as real single pickups but I can understand your enthusiasm for using bigger strings on those.
  15. This is most likely veneer, to hide the four pieces of wood that makes up the body of that guitar. In more expensive models, you get a one piece. This will get you a little better sustain and response from the guitar body. As a beginner i wouldn't worry about a guitar being layered with veneer at all. I got 2 guitars with veneer. One is totally black so the grain wouldn't be visible anyway.
  16. Just enough to not damage the nut. The space for the 12 gauge is just enough to fit them in. SO good news. I think 12 may be a bit too hard yet. Ive played with 10s for a long time and liked the improved stability and deeper sound that over regular .9s
  17. I have put on 12 gauge strings on my G400 Pro, as i like the deeper sound. Its a wound G string but my question is as I had to expand the nut slots a bit to fit these bad boys. Do i need to replace the nut if i ever wanna go down a size to say 11 or back to 10 gauge again?
  18. Is this statement even close to reality? I mean, my XPT700 dives like an eagle/firebird, so it was quite refreshing to play a guitar that doesn't.
  19. My Epi SG - G400 Pro does not neck dive. Not sure if the strap locks is original but they were on the guitar when i bought it. However, I don't use the original nylon strap. I use an Ernie Ball nylon strap.
  20. If I ever gonna buy an Epiphone, because it's an Epiphone, it's gotta be a Prophecy SG GX. I haven't tried one, but I know I want one. An Epiphone with a nice body and dirty fingers. What can go wrong? If i ever find one, I would buy it =D
  21. This is a Heritage Cherry Sunburst i think.
  22. Alternatively, you can use a sampler with stretching capabilities, as it will be less complex and usually recordings of real basses. I think you should explore both. Or even a combination. Perhaps sampler to get the crisp fret noise and a digital synth for that roaring sub bass. Of course this depends on what kind of bass sound you are looking for. In my kind of music, i tend to prefer a quick picked bass rather than long sustained bass.
  23. I think it sounds great, so it doesnt really matter if its 11 years old. This just proves even a cheap Epiphone can endure some time. Take a listen yourself, but bare in it is less than two years since i first started playing guitar.
  24. No it doesn't matter. Actually my 2015 g400 pro which i bought new myself, does also show same signs of dust although not the wear as much. Actually the wear is nearly impossible to see with the naked eye in normal light so if it is a 2007 model, it is in very good condition. I will keep it, as it sounds great. Just wanted to know the year and he said he had it for a few months, but guess he didn't bought it at a store in 2017 as he said.
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