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  1. My Mom wants to start playing guitar.I wanna get her a guitar that she can enjoy playing and not be hard to play.I am thinking about getting her a parlour guitar .I am also thinking that electric would be easier for her to start on .I was thinking classical because the strings would be easier on her .I just don't want her starting on a wide classical neck .I almost wanna get her a fender reissue offset 24" scale duo sonic.I really want her to know the joy of picking up an acoustic first ,and then add electric later .I do have an old silver tone parlour guitar that I could fix up and give her to start on .Then after she knows a few chords and she can strum a bit in rhythm then we can go to the Sam ash or guitar center ,or a couple of local brick nn mortar shops and put a bunch of guitars in her hands so she can play them and atvtyebend of the trip she can make a decision on which one she liked /loves the most.She is the kind of woman that if she gets into guitar I can see me showing up one day and her having a les Paul custom hanging from the wall.
  2. I just heard a old Gibson j-40 on Randy Shartigers channel on YouTube .That guitar sounds awesome to me .I read a lot about how bad they are and people putting them down.It looks to me that there aren't any extra braces it's just that the bottom two braces are in a X .
  3. those are 2 mighty fine guitars .Were you born in 1964,& that's why you gotta get those 1964 ones.Whenever I see a 1971 it's like fate and I gotta get it.Pick on .
  4. That's a really good point about how much volume is needed,whether you playing a smaller or larger guitar .thru amp or acoustically etc...Theses are all variables that will change the string height for you.Thanks brother,peace and love
  5. I really dig the name Kidblast,very cool man.thanks for the numbers.I think it's Good for people to know its ok to have a little buzz from a nice low set up that plays like butter.People can confuse a high fret with some buzz when it's just the set up.awesome stuff .peace n love
  6. I am similiar on my acoustics. at the 12th fret I am at 5/64 on the high E,& 6/64 on the low e. I have the relief set at .012" on the relie,which seems on the heavier side of most people's relief.I could be wrong.I tend to play heavy with a 1.14 pick.I want to get as much volume before buzzing as possible ,and still stay within that she plays like butter zone.Ghanks for posting I appreciate the info very much .take care. Of them guitars hahaha
  7. Yea I know what you mean about not to low or your fingers may slide over the strings during big bends and such.Your guitars play like butter for sure.very cool man ,thanks for the post.
  8. Thanks for the reply.I like how you graduate the string heights at the 1st fret ,.Some people don't do that .your numbers indicate a lighter touch.I could be wrong ,and that's why I am asking.Peace and love ✌🏼️
  9. Thanks for looking and posting .I wanna learn these different details ,& share what I have found.Peace & love
  10. Thanks again ol cowboy.your sure have a lot of knowledge .If you have a YouTube Chanel I will subscribe immediately.I appreciate it.
  11. Have you swapped put the saddle for bone yet?Make sure there aren't any shims under your current saddle.Definately interested in what you go with.
  12. I TOOK THE 3 on a plate tuners and put them in my vice and straightened them out really nice.If you use pliers then make sure you pad them with something so you don't scratch or nick the shaft.I was so scared I was gonna break them ,that I almost didn't do it.You wanna straighten it out with the least amount of rebending it takes to correct the bend .If it's a single tuner and you can't mount it in a vice then mount it to a piece of wood instead of trying to straighten out the shafts while the tuner is on the guitar.I can't say enough about thinking the whole process through.Hopefully one reverse motion and it's fixed.Good luck ,let us know how it turns out.
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