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  1. Well, my problem was solved thanks to a Gibson customer service rep during a phone call. In the middle switch position if either volume control is off it acts as a master volume and kills the sound regardless of the level of the other volume control. Live and learn. Yippee. I'm relieved.
  2. Thanks Michael. The custom doesn't have the push pull pots. The wiring is very simple and from looking at schematics I see nothing other than the switch that could cause the problem. The bridge pickup volume pot works fine and I'm almost always playing at not full volume. I think it has to be the switch. I looked at the switch. It has two paddles similar to what you would see in a mechanical relay. When in an outside position one paddle loses contact and max pressure is put on the other paddle. In the middle position both paddles fall in to make contact but I think the contact pressure is not as great. I see three possible causes: dirty contact, deformed paddle, loose connection paddle to body of switch. I sent emails to Sweetwater where I bought it and to Gibson support. So far Gibson hasn't responded. Sweetwater referred it to their tech support and I'm waiting for a follow up. I have no doubt the switch needs to be replaced in my nearly brand new, month old, Les Paul Custom
  3. Seems like the switch has to be dirty or corroded. I don't see anything in the wiring diagram that could cause this. The switch has two paddles that it moves. At the outer positions there is more force causing the contact. In the middle position there is less push on each paddle so it seems that in the middle position less push on the bridge pickup contact could be affected by a dirty contact.
  4. Thanks. I seem to have a problem with my new guitar. I haven't used the middle position on the pickup selector much in the last few weeks but when I do both pickups are usually on so I noticed nothing amiss. But tonight I went there with the neck pickup off and got no sound because there is no output from the bridge pickup when the switch is in the middle position. I took the cover off the switch pocket and pulled it out but the connections seem OK. I'm not pleased. I had a huge nightmare with the Mesa boogie that had a weird switching problem that was there when I received the amp and they wound up having to replace the chassis so I'm especially not happy that the guitar has a problem and probably always did.
  5. OK, I don't know what I'm doing here. I try to reply but just see your messages. Need to read up on that. Sorry if I just reposted one of your replies.
  6. Hello to all. I'm an old guy in Minnesota still getting used to my new rig: a Les Paul Custom figured maple Heritage Cherry Sunburst running into a Mesa Boogie Mark V 35. My other electric is a Strat I've had for about 40 years. Also have a couple resos and an archtop and a couple Martins. This is my first Gibson, first Humbucker instrument, first tube amp. I love the way my LP sounds with this amp and would love to hear people's comments about the pairings of their amps and guitars: what sounds good, favorite settings and things like that. Glad to be here.
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