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  1. Hi, really really thank you guys for your answers. I didn´t see it till now, sorry. I will check necks/mast with the size that you told me. And yes, my nighthawk is from 90´s and it was a present from my father and i really would like to recover it. This summer i will try to fix it. Thankssssss a lot.
  2. Hi! I am a guitarist from South of Spain. I have a Gibson Les Paul and Epiphone Nighthawk

  3. Hi guys, I had a car accident some years ago and my fantastic Epiphone Nighthawk was broken: the neck split in two pieces. I tried to fix it for myself but the tunning is lost after 8th fred. Anyway the work to join/glue both parts wasn´t an "excelellent" job cause I am not an expert. I am looking for ideas about how fix it. I thought to buy a neck from another guitar that could be fit with my guitar. Not sure if i should bring the guitar to one "guitar builder", maybe would be the best idea. I really would like receive advice about how recover my guitar... Excuse me for my english! and thanks in advance!!!
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