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  1. Yours looks great...the little blemishes give it character. I purchased a new one 4 or 5 months ago and it is a beauty! I didn't notice any of the "Human flaws" until I sat in the living room with the sunlight shining in on it and began to notice the oversights...ah well...nothing is truly perfect and the guitar sounds and plays like a dream...I suppose I could always send it to a service center but for what? to sand it all down and refinish out the perceived flaws...nah...it says much about Gibson these days and fact that this is a custom shop guitar but all in all...I'll play 'er As you can see...most of this stuff is very minor although the laquer dripping on the headstock is disappointing...Truth be told, this is a 5K custom guitar and where is this considered acceptable?...I feel your pain
  2. Hey all! I thought it high time to join the Gibson forum and see what insight I can garner from everyone here. I've been playing the guitar since I was 5...about 54 years. Spent my youth playing So Ca, mostly Diego area. I relocated to Oklahoma in '89 and though I do not get out and perform live "much" anymore, I am presently writing some new material and have put together a little home recording studio so I haven't let it fall by the wayside in my later years. I own probably too many guitars including a Gibson Les Paul standard and an ES-175...in addition to other usual suspects of different manufacture...they all have a place in my mental vision of sound I am looking for. Anyway, I am glad to be here and look forward to learning as much as possible. Thanks for having me and see ya'll around the forum! C Hill
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