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  1. Update: I took the guitar to a local luthier, Andy Nicoll, who builds some very fine guitars. Despite my desire for the look of the through saddle, we are just going to replace the Tusq with a drop in bone saddle. He's going to do a setup and use some water buffalo pins that he has in his shop. He said he could have routed it out and put a through saddle but we decided it wasn't worth the hassle. I may upgrade the tuners at some point but see no real need to right now. I hope she sounds a little better with the new saddle and pins! If I find the tone has changed negatively with the modifications it won't be hard to go back to a Tusq saddle.
  2. Thanks Lars, I'm less concerned with it looking exactly like a replica of an early J-35 and more interested in just making a few minor changes to see if I can make it more pleasing to my ears/eyes and dress it up as my own. I just happen to really like the look of a long saddle. I was eyeing those pickguards for a while but the guy never had any in stock on Reverb so I ended up buying one from LMII. It hasn't arrived yet but I expect it to this week.
  3. First, a quick introduction. I'm a long time lurker but first time poster. I am new to Gibson guitars. Most of my guitars up until now have been Martin, Larrivee, and Guild. I wasn't bitten by the Gibson bug until I played a NOS 2013 J-35 in a local shop a few months ago. This guitar is now my favourite guitar. I wrote my son's name on the back with a ball-point pen just to make sure I don't ever do something crazy like sell it. My son's birth year is the same as the guitar (2013) and I intend for him to own it one day. I removed the Baggs Element and used some brown shoe polish to make the tuning buttons a gorgeous cream colour. In an effort to further "vintage-ize" the guitar I am considering having a local pro install a long bone saddle. It needs a new saddle anyhow, or at least a shim, since I took out the UST. Does anyone have any experience with this type of modification? Could it be easily routed out to accommodate a long saddle, to achieve the look of a vintage J-35? I will also have him slot the bridge and fit un-slotted bone pins. Oh, I also replaced the pickguard because I find Gibson's modern firestripe guards to be very unattractive. I've read a lot about replacing nuts, saddles, pins, etc on Gibson slopes, but haven't read anything about fitting a long saddle. Looking forward to the discussion and I will follow up with any updates.
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