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  1. Vibramate! I couldn't think of the name. Thanks. Guess I'll wait for the right one to come along. Know anyone who wants to do a trade for an R6 & cash? :)
  2. Anyone know if the Bigsby units installed on '54 Custom reissues is the model that is non-violative of the body or standard installation by screwing into the body?
  3. Found one on Reverb, .978" @ 1st fret, 1.092" @ 12th. Incoming soon and can't wait
  4. Those necks just feel right. I could kick myself for not buying the '96 in my original post.
  5. Digital caliper. What's your neck look like, FP? ETA: And you know which neck I'm talking about ....
  6. About a year ago at a local music store I played a 1996 R6 with an astonishingly fat neck ... loved it, sorry I didn't buy it. Does anyone know the max dimension Gibson used that year? I ask because I'm seriously considering ordering a made-to-measure R6 but I need to provide the neck dimension I want to the Gibson Custom Shop. One fellow I spoke with said his R6 measures .978" @ middle of 1st fret and 1.092" @ 12th fret. I have a 2018 R6 and the neck is .90" @ 1st fret, 1.0" @ 12th fret: It feels good, but not nearly as good as the 1996. You guys have any info?
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  8. Wow! $1,650 for Gibson to replace a fretboard. Prohibitively expensive.
  9. Luckily "Ahab The Arab" by Ray Stevens was not on your set list?
  10. Does/will the Custom Shop replace the fretboard on my '56 VOS? I had the fretboard on my '81 Deluxe replaced with ebony and I love it. I want to replace the fretboard on my '56 with either ebony or African Blackwood, and I want the feel and playability to remain exactly as it is. Besides, a black fretboard with the gold top is a beautiful combination.
  11. Quanto? The frets can be dressed to freshen them up. The separation? Can you live with it? I don't care for the black screws in the head stock. Depends how much the seller wants. Personally I wouldn't buy it unless it was an exceedingly low price. I'd save my money to buy one in better condition. Ciao
  12. There was a gorgeous 175CC that sold last week on ebay for $3,150, which I consider to be a good price for this guitar. Didn't have the dough or else I would have snagged it.
  13. I very much want a 175. I'm not a collector, nor do I have very deep pockets, so I'm not at the point where I'm ready to plunk down $5k for a 1950s ES-175, a newer used one would do nicely. Problem is (and I know I'll be called a heretic) I don't care for humbucker pick-ups: There's so much output that they seem to overpower the natural tone of the wood in either a solid body or archtop. Even my Les Pauls have either mini humbuckers or P90s. My question is, if I were to buy a newer production 175 with a humbucker, would changing out the pick-up for a P-90 or, even better, a Charlie Christian-style pick up leave huge gaps between the new pick-up and the old routing for the humbucker?
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