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  1. I get a new R9 (truly new, not used), and it's awesome and bold both in the sound and the look. But there is one thing really annoys me! When I plug it into the amp, there is automatically a kind of electronic noise, even in the clear channel. When I touch the string, bridge or pickup cover, the noise will disappear right away, but if I remove the hand it will show up again immediately. The noise is not very low, but quite noticeable. All the electronic parts can work, I mean the knobs, the 3-way toggle switch and the pickups. I can hear the noise from all the 3 positions of the toggle switch, almost the same noise in all positions. The noise is most obvious when all the 4 knobs are set at 10. If I turn down the knobs, I mean anyone of the 4 knobs, despite of it's a tone or volumn as well as which position the switch is set, the noise will gradually get lower, until "almost" disappear when setting any knob at 0. I didn't expect such an expensive guitar can be like this... I contacted the dealer and they said it's normal to have such kind of hum. I'm not good at electronic things at all, and I cannot find a good repairman around. Can anyone help me on this? Is this a problem or it's normal as what the dealer said? If it's a problem, how can this happen? How should I examine and fix it? Any advise? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi admin & guys, I ordered an aged Bloomfield 59 yesterday, but when I asked the dealer about shipment details today, they told me that the guitar I ordered came with a certificate only but totally no other accessaries, no warranty brochure, no care guide, no custom care kits, no hang tags, etc. They said they would send me a set of accessaries from their regular R9 stock as replacement. Is there anyone knows what's wrong? Gibson forgot to put things in the case? Or the guitar has some problems??? I believe in what the dealer told me, as I'd dealed with them several times before and they were all good. Since the guitar just came out for 2 days, I think it should be a clean one. If so, I would wonder that if there could be anything irreplaceable. I remember there should be some documents with serial numbers in regular R9. Or maybe the aged bloomfield 59 comes with some special things a regular R9 doesn't have. Admin, could you give me a list of what accessaries exactly an aged Bloomfield 59 should come with? I think some of you guy may have bought aged Bloomfield 59. Could anyone who has it shot a picture of all your accessaries for my reference? Any advice will be appreciated! Thank you very much!
  3. Do you work for Kurosawa Music in Yokohama, Japan?
  4. Hi Admin, that's fine, I think I will get those information when I proceed the repairing work. How should I do it? Should I call gibson service center, or you have a quick channel to do so? Thx!
  5. Hi admin, I definitely want to repair it! Do you have any idea on how long will it take for the repairing and shipping, and how much will it cost for the shipment? Thx!
  6. Hi Admin, Great thanks! Though this is really a bad news T_T I'm now in a bad mood - I thought it was my guitar-in-dream before... Anyway, I really like the flame top, and returning it will definitely cause a huge harssal. I think I may take your advise to keep it. I still have a few questions: In this specific case, can this damage be fully, perfectly repaired without affecting the original lacquer finish? I mean repaired to "new" status, looking like never damaged? If yes, could you recommend someone who can do this for me in U.S. (I'm sure there is no such expert in China)? Or Gibson can do it for me, even with some charge? Will this damage lead to some potential problems in the future, even after repaired? I mean for example low long-term duability, or trouble in changing the strap button? Those are my last questions. Great thanks again!
  7. Hi Admin, I revised the link again to an internaional picture hosting service... I know that I'd better send it to China Gibson customer service for a check, but before that I really want a brief judgement for the problem... Actually I'm thinking of returning it but not repairing it. Physically check would take a lot of time and I may miss the timing requirement of return. I really cannot accept this, buying a top-of-line collective guitar with such a big flaw... Admind you are the official representative, I think you should have seen so many LPs and know the most about it... Pls do help me on this, thanks!
  8. Hi Admin, I updated the pictures, can you see it now? I compared it with my other 59LP, yes the bottom strap button screw is certainly bigger than the neck one But the button is truly in the body (maybe 0.1 inch), and it is a little bit tilted. Actually I bought it in U.S. and took it back to China by myself, by hand on flight, with no damage at all... If there was something happened, it must happen before I got it. If the strap button was bumped into the body, I'm sure this drop was a big one... I tried the button, it seemed to be fix and strong. I don't know if it is actually loose inside, or maybe there is a permanent damage in the body.... It may also casue big trouble when trying to change the button to others... It would be a big trouble for me to change or return it since I'm now in China... I'm really really died T_T
  9. Hi admin, I just bought a brand new 2007 murphy-aged LP59. when I was going to enjoy my new guitar, I found a very strange thing on it, and I really want to get some perspctives from you. I found that the bottom strap button is over-screwed into the body, much deeper than the neck strap button. The end of the bottom strap button is actually screwed into the guitar body (normally it should be just touching the body but not into it), and it is a bit tilted but not vertically joining with the body. I wonder if this seem-to-be-mistake strap button is a new aging process for 2007 LP59, or it is a real mistake... This really makes me very nervous T_T. Admin, would you pls help me check this? If this is really a mistake, then how can this happen? During production process or after the factory shipping it out? Is this an unqualified product? What should I do to deal with this really-expensive-guitar-with-mistake? Many thanks!
  10. Hi admin, I have 2 questions to ask: 1. I found in Japan that a lot of 59 and 60 LP with a "hard rock maple (HRM)" top. It seems the top is less flamed than a non-HRM top, but with more various "texture", between plain, quited and flamed, or a mix of above. I wonder what is the difference between a HRM top and a non-HRM (normal flamed) top? Which one is better? 2. I found a few 59's (made in 06 and aged by Murphy) with a 1-piece top. I'd never seen one before. Is that very rare? Or it is just a random normal production? Thx!
  11. I had a 2006 LP59, and I found one of official topics said Gibson Custom started to use real honduran mahogany in 2007... Does that mean a LP59 built in 2006 using other "mahogany"? Is that true? Thx!
  12. Thx for the info! It seems to be very rare hehe! Could you let me know when was it produced and shipped?
  13. I want to order a customized "Historic" CustomShop LP standard with a series of specific requirements, for example: antique gold finish with all nickel hardware (original new finish, non-aged/V.O.S), 59 neck profile with long tenon joint, ebony fingerboard, sperzel locking tuner, tonepros locking bridge/tailpiece, schaller straplock, seymour duncan pickups with cover and coil splitter. How does the order process start? How much will such an order cost normally? How long will it take from the very beginning to the final delivery? Any one could help me on this? Thanks in advance!
  14. vulgarium

    fret size.

    Them what are the difference between 57 58 and 59, i mean besides the finish the maple top and those accessaries such as knobs. How about the nexk profile? Do they ahve the same neck profile or not? What is the different? 59 is a bit slimmer than 57 and 58? Thx!
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