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  1. The TR should at least be snug if it’s all the way backed off. Not good to leave completely loose. Are you measuring the relief with a feeler gauge? I would make sure you have somewhere in the 0.010” range give or take a couple thou. Make sure you are tuning to pitch before measuring too. @Black Dog gave you good instruction if you wanted to know how in case you have never used the proposed method. Anyhow good luck with everything. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.
  2. IMHO, the best things I have used is lemon oil to clean, then use the Gibson Restoration Kit for all your guitar needs. Comes with fretboard conditioner, nitro polish, metal cleaner, and some soft cloths. You don't want to marinate the wood... Simply spray on some lemon oil based cleaner, wipe off, then apply conditioner, then wipe that off very shortly after application. FYI, the nitro polish is awesome. Follow directions on the bottle and you should be good. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Dunlop/Fretboard-65-Ultimate-Lemon-Oil.gc?rNtt=lemon oil&index=1 https://www.gibson.com/Gear/Cleaning-and-Care/AIGG-RK1
  3. In sum, I wouldn't worry about it. As long as it is in spec and it plays to your liking, I'd keep it. FYI, one of my LP Customs is just like your guitar - nearly completely lowered bridge.
  4. The differences are easy to spot. Just looking at the fretboard, you have rosewood with dot inlays. The Nighthawk Customs (CST or CST3) have MOP inlays and ebony fretboard. As well, your neck is not bound - feature of the Specials (SP or SP3). Standards and Customs have bound fretboards - albeit different wood used for the fretboards (Standard = rosweood; Custom = ebony). With the Customs, the headstock, body, and neck are all bound. AFAIK, the "standard" Specials were in 3 colors in the 90s: ebony, red, and vintage sunburst. The Customs came in the BEAUTIFUL fireburst, antique natural, and translucent amber. The tops on Customs were also a more figured flamed maple (or even quilts) than the Standards (not sure if there are Standards with a quilt top, but definitely possible). Much of what I have said could come from this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibson_Nighthawk I just know about these guitars because I have had 5 of them in my lifetime -2 Specials, Standard, and 2 Customs. I sold the Specials FYI. Electronics are the same in all variants in this 93-98 time frame, so mostly the things that go "up" in the lineup are purely related to the cosmetics. Trust me, you have a SP3, I'll bet my paycheck on it.
  5. This is true... You can tell because if you do the "conventional" SN decoder for this date range, you will soon find out that there's no 400th+ day of the year. So you have a Centennial Gibson LP. Killer man! Much better score than the broken headstock mess you almost got into. Congratulations and enjoy for many years 😄
  6. @Black Dog@Mr Gibson, Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, just decided to take them off and let those nice tops breath a bit. I think they look good with them on as well - as I usually have them - but IDK... I was bored, haha! Gave them a nice wipedown where the sun don't shine and enjoyed taking care of my nicest guitars. They are a lot of fun to play too, so they aren't just case queens here. I usually don't take them out of the house as I have other guitars that I don't worry so much about traveling with if God forbid something happened to them. When I record, yeah no brainer to use my reissues... They are truly awesome instruments. But for the gig down the street, no problems taking the used LP Standard out on the town. And @Black Dog, definitely not alone in the addict department, haha! I know you have some absolute beauts too and always appreciate it when you share some nice images of them. Not too sure what my next venture will be, but you know GAS in not curable 😄 Anyhow, cheers fellas, once again thanks for the compliments!
  7. In took the pickguards off of my Les Pauls I like them naked 😄
  8. Very nice! Glad you liked your new Modern - looks very classy.
  9. Really nice guitars you got there... Make the pic less pixelated, I demand it! 😛 haha!
  10. It's been a rough day at work as usual... professionally internet browsing.
  11. Cool man, can't wait for your next NGD! Both sound like great alternatives for Fender SC guitars. But hey, I get it. Sometimes we try a guitar and it seems like a great idea, looks nice, but just aren't inspired by it. And I'm a big advocate for the Gibson Custom Shop guitars. There are some of the best guitars on the planet coming out of this place IMHO. My R7 and R9 are absolutely fantastic. I'm sort of a Gibson snob now, because I don't even waste my time with their USA stuff. Not that the USA lineup is bad, but they only have me lusting for their Historics. Sort of like when I bought a 2018 Classic goldtop - when I really wanted an R6...
  12. Should have bought a Fender, haha! JK 😄 Hope all is well with you BD
  13. @Dibby You have a Nighthawk version SP3 (3 pickup special). The case itself in good to great condition can fetch anywhere from $200 to even $350 I would imagine. I've sold a pristine case for $350 and some with very slight cosmetic issues for around the $200 range. Themselves they are rare these days. The guitar probably wouldn't fetch anywhere more than say $900 if it is in great condition. You might get away with around a grand, but that's definitely got to be the upper limit. Mind you, this is based on someone who has done some buying and selling of Nighthawks. It truly is a relative thing to sell/buy guitars these days. It all depends on the right place at the right time. Overall, if the package was mine given the SP3 is in excellent condition and case looks great - no major tolex tears, strap intact that holds case lid from flying back when opened, and shroud not ripped out or torn apart - you're looking around $1100 to start IMHO. That might be on the high end for some people, so be open to offers. I wouldn't go any less than $1050 with the case. FYI, I sold my SP3 with the 90s gig bag for around $950, and that was vintage sunburst in excellent condition. Check Reverb - maybe eBay. Get a flavor what's there and go from there. FYI, if your serial number starts with 94xxxx... this is a 1994 model. SO MANY people don't know this and list incorrectly.
  14. If you really want someone’s attention, use the @ before their screen name. Like @SteveFord You are going to get notified because I quoted you, but I would hope that if I didn’t, you would because I called you out via screen name with the @ control character. Hope this helps you get @rct
  15. The lighter wood goes to Custom Shop guitar LPs and heavier wood goes to USA guitars I believe. That's why I have a sub-9lb R9 with no weight relief and a 9+lb Standard with weight relief. But my advice is not to overthink it. If you like a guitar, who GAF if it's weight relieved. Not all same model guitars are created equal IMHO.
  16. Agreed. I would bet they don't do this easily IF they even do. I could easily buy some Chibson, request some COA, voila! I could only see you getting a replacement if you sent the guitar in to them directly to ask for a reissue of a COA. But OP, it is really simple to call them. Maybe time zones could be an issue, but how much does it mean to you to have this I suppose... And I don't think that customs will fully validate the COA as OK to have enter the country if found to be some source of credible threat. It's not like a passport or certified ID. Hope you don't have any issues traveling with the guitar though. Best of luck.
  17. You issues are aesthetics, but if you aren't happy with it because of this - i.e. always going to irritate you - I'd return it. I'm sure it wasn't a cheap guitar and why pay for something that doesn't make you happy? The fret marks look like something went wrong at some point in time. Where it happened - i.e. at Gibson or dealer - that's anyone's guess. All I know is that is not normal stuff unless you aren't taking care of your nitro finished guitar like exposing to temperature swings, leaving in dirty area, stuck in case for years, etc. Regarding the MOP inlays, I personally wouldn't be that affected by that, but again, your money and you should be happy with your guitar. There are other guitars out there that will not suffer from these issues. You have the money, you're hosting the party is the way I put it. So that being said, get your money's worth or get it back and keep hunting. Best wishes and hope all works out for you.
  18. Honestly, I get it that the SB is a dump of garbage ads and mostly awful - if not all - halftime shows, but I tune that crap out. My friend invited us over for tons of food, drink, and smoke. While we were indulging in the goodness of that, the SB was recording in the background so later in the evening, we could FF through all the garbage including the halftime show. It was a great night for me and had very little to do with the big game. Then again we have the Lions here so we have been practicing how to have a good time during any game for the last 50+ years that has little to do with football. True story... and we will never see the Lions in the SB - or amount to anything successful. I digress. Yeah, proud to not have seen any ads or halftime garbage.
  19. Cheapest tickets this year I heard were record high. No problem, I was home setting my own record high.
  20. Yeah, that just looks right to me. Nice job and nice looking guitar!
  21. I’d buy a used one if I had GAS for one. The point is that you have a Gibson that by default costs thousands - and to add you’re not the fondest of it - then you go dump more money into a guitar hoping that it works out... well like others said, not their money and guys like Joe have cold hard cash to blow. He also has more guitars than the rainforests have trees. Hell I’d be bored with them too where I’d say to try the whole makeover business for one of his million guitars he has duplicates of.
  22. I don’t ever think about a guitar “makeover”. If you don’t like something about the guitar you get rid of it. No value of dumping in a lot of money into a guitar that you might not be happy with after and no value keeping a guitar you want to makeover. If you want to replace something like knobs and such that’s a different story but to start dumping money for finishes, top carves, etc comes down to why not just count your losses and stop putting good money to bad.
  23. Well, glad you're happy with the guitar. I know it feels awkward, but you have the money, you're the one hosting the party if you follow what I'm saying. Not saying to be uncivil here, but be happy with the money you doled out for your Gibby. I would do the same thing you did first too - talk to dealer. Hope it doesn't get this far, but I would simply return the thing if it was a deal breaker - the poor case that is. Some may think that turning in a guitar because the case isn't up to par is a bit extreme, but again, your money, you should be happy with what you bought. Negotiate maybe? I know GC itemizes the cases when you buy a new guitar... Maybe upgrade to a Custom Shop historic case... Those are very nice and IMHO better than the USA cases. Not that the USA cases are garbage, but just a thought... Best of luck. If you have opportunity to get the thing off your hands with the return of your funds, then take advantage of it. IME, be nice and use all the leverage you need to to get your money's worth.
  24. String height - or action - changes if the nut changes or the bridge changes generally. Yes the neck does some bending and bowing, but if your relief is what it was when all was good, then what changed... Did the top of your acoustic change - i.e. lift or move somehow? I know with acoustics, you have to handle with more care than a solid body... In the end, it's pretty simple stuff here and if you're not experienced enough to diagnose this, take it to someone who does. In the future, being that you want an acoustic, you're going to have to be more careful how you regulate the environment conditions that are exposed to the guitar most likely. Water is not a guitar's friend. Conversely, it could be perceived as the enemy.
  25. Hi @sunking101, I understand your sentiment. You pay a good chunk of change and expect the smaller pieces of the deal to be of acceptable quality. I not only understand, I share your sentiment based on what you have described and what you have gone through. I have not had that experience with the latest cases that come with the USA guitars as the cases I have received have been of good quality - not suffering from the issues you described. My only advice to you is that yes, you could share your input on the subject here about quality issues, but in the end, you want something in your hands that makes you happy. You may have to inquire with Gibson first-hand or the dealer you went through. That's the only 2 ways about this unfortunately. Even if I wanted to share my stories of Gibson QC blunders, it's not going to help you or anyone else in the end. FWIW, I sincerely hope that you get this resolved and you like the guitar first and foremost. Best wishes!
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