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  1. Great analyze! Very informative. Thanks Doc.
  2. Compare to any guitar, the Flying V is fairly light. Lighter than a Les Paul for sure! I don't have an SG so I can't compare.
  3. I believed I'm the only one...
  4. Dr. Rock

    My V

    Sweet! What was the cost for the bigsby conversion?
  5. I want my "Dr. Rock" signature flying V!
  6. Dr. Rock

    My first gig

    Sorry Kaleb, but it's true...
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq1XBgJH0vI
  8. True!! You need 3 things: 1. Good pickups. (you already have) 2. Good amp. (not sure) 3. ... you know... tone is in your fingers...
  9. Is it a limited edition with ebony fingerboard and moon inlays? Keep it stock!
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