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  1. Sorry I said anything folks ...bye...
  2. And yes I have ripined...been playing for 47 years..
  3. Zombiewoof...yes I watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and lived through the 60s Donovan etc.....everyone is missing my original point and that is why I may be leaving the group...you cant even offer an opinion without an argument....my point is 90% of kids these days are interested in rap...no acoustic needed...we were all interested in vast amounts of acoustic music...Beatles, Stones, CSN , Neil, on and on......the demand for the millions of acoustics will not be as high for future generations because of the music they listen to...
  4. No...I dont think the acoustic will disappear...but I do think the demand for how many are currently being sold wont be there...which was my original opinion in my post.I agree that there are a few young folks who are great and playing acoustic...I have a friend who plays acoustic and is in his last year of college so yes they are out there but not in our numbers. That was my original point...the demand wont be nearly as high for new and used acoustics as it is with people our age.
  5. Very nice...I never think of covering these types of things but very cool indeed!
  6. My J35 cost me a lot less than $1999.00 that they are asking at guitar center....I usually deal with Sweetwater...
  7. Anybody seen the price hikes? Wow! The j15 walnut burst looks great though and has a m.a.p. of $1799.00
  8. Looks great! Congrats! I cant wait to see one of thenew j15 Walnut bursts that are coming for 2018...
  9. I'm currently thinking of selling a Martin to get another Gibson.....I agree.....Martin's are a little boring.
  10. My J35 loves Daddario exps...I tried some CLeartones and immediately took them off and put the exps back on..
  11. I love early JB....that sounds real nice and so does that j50! As for the legs....I have no room to talk, I wear shorts 7-8 months out of the year....great job!
  12. I stopped in G.C. today for a set of strings and asked if they had any j45s in back...he said yeah and its marked down to $1700 with 48 months interestfree financing from Gibson. I had my financial advisor with me and she just laughed but she picked out a neat throne/chair for me and since the j35 is only a month old that is to be expected! I thought I would pass this along in case anyone else is in the market for something new .....$35 a month for a new j45 would be a heck of a deal. Never bought a guitar from G.C. so I have no idea as to that.
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