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  1. if it has double cutaway and looks like a S/G i would say its in the 70s if its shaped like a les paul but thin in depth it could go back to the mid to late 50s (open back control panel and look at the backs of the volume or tone pods there is awalys is a stamped no. in code for the date they was installed unless those have been changed 2,a good person to contact on youtube is guitologist

  2. HI, So I am about to pull the trigger on a vintage Les Paul Junior. Its a vintage double cut from a dealer. The guitar is missing the serial number as it has been refinished and has had a few other changes which mean i cannot precisely date the guitar. Is it common to find a guitar that has no serial number if its refinished? The dealer seems legit and has been very open about the guitars history. He has even offered for me to speak with the previous owner and the guitar appears to have come from Canada some time ago (I am based in the UK). Any advice would be appreciated on the refinish. As far as I'm aware the pots have also been changed so I just wanted to know if this has been heard of before? The price of the guitar is fair for the changes that have been made so I do think I'm paying a fair price. Thanks
  3. Thanks jdgm - This might be why the seller said they had not had any problems shipping guitars of that era in the past. I guess my worry is that it would get held up in customs. In regards to the right documentation to back it up what would you expect this to be? Im thinking now maybe my safest bet is to look inside the EU where i don't have to worry about CITES.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I will do a bit more research my end but it sounds like i will have to abandon my search for now. I was a little disappointed that their are still some sellers out there not knowing the rules on Brazilian rosewood. I guess i thought that because the guitar is so old it would be exempt but i guess its not worth risking. Mojoworking - Yes i had that same response from NRG. Its a shame as they have some great gear. I have heard that retailers can apply for a blanked permit that will cover their instruments but im guessing its still a lot of hassle for them. I really hope the CITES thing gets more thought out soon.
  5. HI, I am in the early stages of potentially buying a guitar from a leading Independent US guitar shop. The guitar is a 1960's Gibson which contains some Brazilian rosewood. I currently live in the UK. I spoke with the guitar shop and discussed CITES to which they didn't seem particularly clued up which concerned me. When i explained my concerns with CITES they seemed to brush over it and told me that everything will be fine and they have never had any problems shipping guitars without any documentation. I then sent them a link to some articles about CITES and have had no response. They are a genuine store which seem pretty reputable but i am concerned that they are not taking CITES seriously (Is CITES a big deal here?). I wanted to know opinions on this and also do i really need to fill out any paperwork for a guitar which was made in 1960. My fear is that it could get held up at customs and potentially destroyed and i would have lost a great guitar and my money. Any opinions would be really welcome. Thanks Price
  6. Thanks Twang Gang. Yes i think i have to agree. The double pickup version would suit me better especially if i want to gig the guitar. I'm importing from the USA so just need to get my CITES permit sorted. I did a facetime call with the seller and it sounded great. He also has a single pickup version I didn't like as much when i heard. Once i have it I'll post some picks. Having to sell my LP classic 94' to pay for it though :(
  7. Hi Everyone, I am currently in the process of buying a 1960 Melody Maker. I have the choice between two, either a 1960 single pickup (thinner pickup) without original case or a 1960 double pickup version with original case. Obviously the latter is more in price. I plan to use the guitar for the occasional gig (I play through a Marshall AVT150 with minimal effects) so wanted to see if anyone has had experience with both the single pickup MM and the double pickup MM and what your thoughts are. Is it worth paying the extra for a double pickup MM? or do you think its worth saving a few hundred £££'s and getting the single pickup version? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Alex
  8. Thanks for your advice Pip, I think i need to hear the difference between the thinner and thicker pickup to make my mind up. I'm looking to buy from the US which means it's difficult to get a clear idea of how they sound but they are open to doing a skype link which would be helpful.
  9. Thanks for your help, I'm going to be using the guitar for a little bit of recording and some occasional jamming but mainly just for my own enjoyment. I tend to avoid using any pedals and lean more towards playing straight through my Marshall AVT150. In terms of sound I'm more of a blues guy so try to play stuff by Rory Gallagher, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore (Try being the key word here!). I also dig a bit of a dirty blues sound. I think my main concern for going for a 1960's one over a 1959 version was the pickup. Online the thicker pickup seems much more popular and I personally cant test any as their are none near me here in the UK so I can only buy on the basis of what i read or listen to on Youtube.
  10. HI, I'm on the lookout for a 1959 Melody Maker or a 1960 version (single cutout). I've spotted one of each but both have their own pros and cons. I wanted to know what are the main things to go for in either. In particular whether a 1960 MM with the thinner pickup, excellent condition and all original parts compares against a 1959 MM with the thicker pickup but the guitar has a replaced nut and knobs and is in overall slightly worse condition. I've read a lot on the forums about the thinner pickup being a bit disappointing so wanted some advice. Also how valued are the original cases? The guitar would be played regularly but it may need to be sold at some point in the future so i want to make sure it will be easy to resell. Any advice would be much appreciated. Price
  11. Hi Everyone, This is my first post on the site. I bought my first LP 1994 classic earlier this year and am in love with it. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be purchasing a 59 or 60 Melody Maker. Can anyone advise the best place to post for buying advice? Thanks Price
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