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  1. I believe a Gibson ABR-1 should fit, but the Gotoh version would be at least equivalent quality for a lower price. Not sure about pickup covers- most people I know have had their existing pickups rewound rather than replaced, and that's what I plan to do with mine. As for Bigsbys, as long as you're aware that you'll have to extra care with setups in order to keep it tuning properly I would 100% go for it. I've bought 2 Casinos in the last 2 years, both with the intention of adding a B70, and on both guitars it improved the mid range response and increased sustain, AND looked awesome ;)
  2. I'd love the opportunity to get a pelham blue SG. Just a Standard or '61 RI would be fine. Some of us can't afford/don't need a £3k VOS SG Custom
  3. The upcharge for getting a bound neck compared to an unbound one is usually around $100/£60, so I would guess you'd be looking at that plus the cost of a refret, and probably some finish work too. My guess is it would be MUCH better value to save up for an SG Standard and sell the G400 when the time comes...
  4. I got this yesterday: And combined with this: To get this: I am now a very happy bunny :):) Black knobs on the way and maybe a black plate too. Anyone with a Casino even considering a Bigsby should go for it. I've put bigsbys on 2 Casinos now and the result is the same with both- it brings the tone right out of itself. My Cas now has more sustain and sings even sweeter than before. The install is simple as long as you have the required tools.
  5. I'm really, hugely in love with this guitar right now :)
  6. I hope you don't mind indulging me- I've just taken these and wanted to show them off :)
  7. This is interesting. My previous Casino (an '09 MIC) had a neck pickup just like Tisaan's picture. But my new Casino, a 2010 MIC has much less slant on the neck cover: Conversely, the bridge pickup is not parallel to the strings and has little/no slant:
  8. They're the stock tuners- unbranded iirc. Grover have just released some locking Rotos with the thumbwheel on the back (like schaller I think?)- It'll get a set of them eventually after the Bigsby arrives to help keep everything in tune (and aid restringing!) It's a 2010 MIC . I had a 2009 MIC about a year ago that I foolishly sold (pic below), but this is just as good- both guitars have slight imperfections in the binding etc, but this new one is great- they seem to have tightened up the inlay work and the fretboard has less grain filler than my '09. Everything feels good and
  9. I'm happy to stick my neck out and say they're identical except the colour- both have a carved top. There are very few les paul models with a flat top, and I've never seen one with LP Standard cosmetics without a carved top
  10. Haven't been on here for a while- I bought a MIC Casino around a year ago, then sold in a fit of silliness and jazzmaster-lust at Christmas. Now i'm back on the Epi-wagon with this one from Hartnoll Guitars in the UK :) Eventually it will get a B70, locking Grovers, and a pickup rewind, but for now I'm happy and thought you guys might like to see ;) And a couple of family photos
  11. All the NG Union Jacks I've seen have been a bit faded looking- I think they were like that from the factory. Certainly not the bright blue and pure white on the original custom painted guitar that Noel played live
  12. This is mine. Bought in September. Thought already for sale, owning to an incoming Jazzmaster... Anyone want a perfect condition Casino in the uk?! It's a great guitar, just not quite the right sound for what I need right now. I'll definitely get another one day
  13. Trouble with ebay these days is there seem to be a lot of people who have the mindset: "It's on ebay, therefore it's a bargain." It's these people who make ebay a lesser place than it was 5 years ago. There are barely any bargains on there now compared to around 2002 :)
  14. I don't know about the electronics, cos I've never owned one, but I haven't played a bad gretsch in years...
  15. another vote for ABS plastic cases. My Hiscox (UK made equivalent of SKB) case is fantastic.
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