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  1. I've only had mine for 3 weeks and have not made any adjustments yet. On mine the bridge p/u is definitely higher then the neck p/u so I assume that is Gibson's factory default height for the p/u mountings. Everything sounds amazing so for now I'm not going to change anything lol. After playing my strat for so many years, I've had to retrain myself regarding picking positioning with my new SG. I'm playing mostly between the 2 humbuggers and not over the p/u's. When I pick over the bridge p/u due to its higher height, my pick does tend to hit that humbugger a little but not an issue. I also occasionally strum cords between the fretboard and the neck p/u for a sweet jazz tone, but when I'm doing lead blues/rock solo work I'm finding my most natural picking spot is between the 2 p/u's. Obviously my G, B, E strings will wear thin sooner because I'm picking mostly in that area but thats fine. Gibson SG rocks, I love this thing, I'm addicted lol.
  2. My new Gibson SG completes my home recording studio and live gigs. After many years of playing my Fender strat, I put her away for now, because Gibson has recaptured my heart!
  3. Bought a new Gibson 2017 SG Standard T in Heritage Cherry. Gibson hit this one out of the ball park. This is my 2nd SG, my original I bought new back in 1971 but like a fool I sold it. Always wanted another one. Been playing strats all these years so it was time. Yes, this is one fine instrument. Love these 57 classic humbuggers, they have over the top tone, from rich beautiful jazz to screaming highs for rock/metal. Love this rosewood neck, fits me like a glove. The chrome grovers stay in tune, this thing is sweet. Thanks Gibson, its awesome after all these years you still make exceptional guitars!
  4. Hello from Texas! I play rock, metal, blues; Gibson 2017 SG Standard T.
  5. Hello from Texas! I play rock, metal, blues; Gibson 2017 SG Standard T in Heritage Cherry.

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