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  1. I was reading about this today. I think the Stones will come around. They just haven't had much luck at festivals over the years.
  2. Thanks for the comments and advice. I gigged with it last night a it was so good to play. And the pickups sound as mean as hell. I think I'll keep the pups as they are, kind of like the look and sound of them and not after the Peter Green sound.
  3. Cool, I'll keep the mark too then, I was thinking of getting it repaired. I've just gigged with it tonight and the pickups are on fire! And the neck is a treat to play and I'm kind of liking this guitar.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Ah, that's good news. I have an 2008 Traditional and don't like the lacquer on it much, it's so thing it looks like treacle. This lacquer on this looked a bit more refined.
  5. Hi All, just got a Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded today. I was after a regular Standard, but I spotted this a liked the satin finish. I don't know much about them though, what are people opinions on them? Why didn't they put the normal Standard tuners on? The neck has a 60s profile and plays nicely. Here are a few pics of mine, it has a few dings and the lacquer has scratched away below the strings, but I got it cheap, the Seller had it on for £1200, but I bargained him down to £970.
  6. Wow, that's a good price, I got mine for a grand too. I imagine there's the usual buckle rash. I'm give the neck and headstock and good look over too.
  7. Good spot. I've got plenty of lemon oil for that. Thanks for the suggestion. Prices over here are low at the moment, it seems a buyers market.
  8. Thanks for your comments. I'll ask about the scratch plate. The seller is asking £1000, which seems a good deal.
  9. Hi All, do you think this LP Standard look ok? I'm thinking of buying it tommorow and am going to see how it plays. I'm after a 60s neck profile and hope it has one. Is this a hit or miss? Is there anything to watch out for on 2005 LPs? Thanks for any comments you may have. Here's is the ad:
  10. Where the 2012 Traditionals lower spec then?
  11. Hi All, I noticed recently that the LP Traditional is much cheap than it was. I bought my Ice Tea new in 2008 and it was $2800, it's now about $1800. Has the quality of materials been reduced or are Gibson making other cost cutting measures? Thanks for any comments.
  12. Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne Thin Lizzy - Don't believe a word
  13. Jeff Beck. When I heard his album Truth as a kid, I knew I wanted to play guitar like that.
  14. I've got both and the Standard is far superior. The Epiphone just collects dust these days.
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