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  1. Don't scare me like that! My heart almost skipped a beat at the thought of a lefty Explorer. I've been wanting one for YEARS :'( I remember seeing images of Left handed Explorers and Flying Vs that were going to be in the 2017 range, but they just up and canned them. I'm certainly not disappointed I had to go with a SG Standard, but I'd be playing a different guitar today had they actually made lefty Explorers last year.
  2. I was thinking the traditional Gibson headstock looks a bit strange on it. If they ever did this as a standard non-Custom shop, I could see it with a Firebird headstock like the one they have on their special models. Might match the aesthetic of the body better.
  3. My bad, it had already slipped my mind that I mentioned it. I guess the top hat knobs just look a bit too plain for my tastes though.
  4. Looks like the SG HP will have a flamed top. I'm not sure I like the pickups being adjusted from the back, but then again I'm a traditional kind of guy. I wouldn't go for a HP model regardless. Fingers crossed some of these get lefty models! Also Gibson has posted a 2018 Firebird Standard on their Instagram as well. Actually now that I think about it, a lefty 2018 SG Special would be a nice complement to my 2017 Standard. I've always wanted to have a standard, but with a special as a backup.
  5. Yeah I think the stock knobs look a bit cheap for a $1300 dollar guitar. I love the look of the Witch hat knobs and the cream switch washer. I did that on my Epiphone when I was in high school because of one of Angus Young's SGs. I may do the same again haha The washer I put on my Gibson is actually from the Epiphone before I put the white one on there.
  6. Dang, lefties miss out on all the cool colors. She's gorgeous!
  7. I'm planning on doing that as well. I have some witch hat knobs on my Epiphone, I may buy some more for the Gibson.
  8. So the 2017 Standards don't come with poker chips around the toggle switch. Even though I think it looks fine without one, I thought I'd throw one on anyways. I have this black chip that was originally on my Epiphone G400, but replaced it with a white poker chip because I remember seeing Angus Young do it on one of his guitars. I may consider putting witch hat knobs on it as well. That's what I currently have on my Epiphone. What do you guys think? Would you or will you add one to yours? http://imgur.com/a/Ly1uU
  9. I hope they continue to offer lefties with next year's models. I adore my 2017 Standard. Although, I probably won't be able to buy anything in the 2018 range before they're discontinued or sold out.
  10. The bridge pickup on mine is kind of high, but not high enough to get in the way of my picking. The neck pickup is pretty low. They seem fine to me.
  11. I'm glad to hear more people are enjoying the 2017 standards. It's absolutely my dream guitar. I think the only downside for me is that the finish is a little easy to scratch. I definitely want the guitar to build character, but it seems a little quick to me haha I've also noticed that it doesn't neck dive near as bad as my Epiphone did. I don't know if it's something Gibson has changed, or maybe it's just the strap they included. The guitar is super light too.
  12. I'm with ya on this one. I LOVE the bevels of the early SG models.
  13. That's a beauty. I also got my 2017 Standard from Sweetwater. I've only bought one guitar from them so far, but they set it up perfectly. I'll definitely be doing more business with them in the near future. I don't know what the general consensus on the 2017 line is, but man I love my SG. I remember playing a Standard YEARS ago when I was 18 at the Nashville Opry Mills Mall before the flood, and it felt the exact same. I think it's interesting how they went with the look of a early 60s, but the body of a late 60s with the flush neck joint, well on the non HP version anyways. I'm curious, what are the pickups on the HP version? The strap button location is a HP thing. The strap button on the standard T is in the same old place it's always been.
  14. I can't really play righty anymore as well as I can lefty, but it doesn't feel strange to me like say someone playing a left handed guitar who has only ever played right handed guitars. My first righty was a Squier Strat, and then I switched and jumped to the Epiphone G400, then a MIM Strat, and now the Gibson. It's been a heck of a journey so far. I also have a copy of a Gibson Dove(Handed down to me by my late grandmother) that I made left handed that plays like a dream. It's a 1979 Montaya. I can't for the life of me find out anything about it though. I've thought about buying some right handed guitars just so I can play both, because there are some guitars that will never be available left handed or most likely, like a Gibson Explorer and PRS guitars in general.
  15. Thanks! Yeah I posted in the Show your SG post earlier this morning.
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