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  1. I usually prefer 80/20s on my maple b/s guitars, and PB on my mahogany ones.
  2. Ah yes. Most definitely the panzer paint.
  3. The stack was still down the last time I looked. I'll have to drive by again and see.
  4. Since the guard was brought up, I thought I'd chime in. I believe that I told Tom that the early ones were engraved. For the Hummingbird, hand-engraved guards may have only been for the prototypes and custom work. I have not yet seen a production model 'Bird with one. I've been keeping my eye out for 1960 'Birds in particular, but each one that I've seen has the molded guard. Those are easily identified by their red swirl coloration. My grandfather did hand-engraving and inlay work on the early Doves, and the Epiphone Excellentes with the Eagle guard. I have even seen production Excellentes signed with his initials near the tree branch base. Regarding the monochromatic coloring, I think that has to do with the paint colors aging and the way that the guitar is photographed. The white paint has yellowed, and the yellow has faded. From a distance in low light, the paint looks almost like the same color. When shining a bright light on it, you can see the difference. See the photos below:
  5. I keep my guitars between 30-45%, and there aren't any issues. I start to take more agressive measures at below 30%. For the sponge, just make sure it's not dripping wet. Also be sure to the sponge and water are sanitized to avoid mold and bacteria growth. Commercial sound-hole humidifiers have denser sponges that require less refills and aren't as drippy.
  6. Cool video. Glad to see his enthusiasm and the joy he's getting out of it already.
  7. Very cool. That must be you and your Grandpa in the first picture. I hope you get lots of joy out of that guitar.
  8. Tom, thank you for your research and sharing that well-done documentation. It was a good read!
  9. I suppose it has to do with more than just the volume of the guitar. The brightness of the tone and pitch may also compete with the singer's voice, but that can be adjusted with strings and down-tuning.
  10. Best wishes and hope for you, Sal.
  11. Looks like a pressed guard to me. The coloring, rounded edges, and offset of one of the dots leads me to that conclusion.
  12. David Gilmour because of his expressive expressive playing. Richard Thompson because of his song writing / compositions.
  13. Yes, indeed. You guys and your posted comments and inquiries are what kept the history alive. I greatly appreciate it, and I know he would, too.
  14. My name is an anagram. Researching my grandfather's work at Gibson lead me to this forum where I found some fantastic posts and people, so I joined up.
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