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  1. Tom, I know you and your wife had a very special bond that many couples never experience. You two were very fortunate to have each other for so long. I am sorry for your loss, and wish you the best in these tough times.
  2. Aaron was a very fine luthier. congratulations!
  3. Play Rock Band. You know the video game. It won't teach you guitar, but it will give you honest feedback on vocals (pitch indicator), and help with rhythm. Plus it can be fun with the family, which also gets you playing with other people.
  4. That's him! He is amazing. When I was at his shop, he showed me these crazy paper mache instruments that he was restoring, and not to mention a few guitars that belonged to famous artists (like Johnny Cash). AFAIK, he is the best around. I think you'll be happy with the results.
  5. The 2 could possibly mean factory 2nd.
  6. ? I'm assuming that's a typo but you are talking about old wood...lol. Anyway that guitar is beautiful and unique. Nice acquisition!
  7. Looks that invite me to pick it up and play. Tone that inspires me to continuously play. And comfortable to hold.
  8. I think it complements the blue quite nicely, and the Texas cut-out looks great! Nice job, Dave!
  9. Galway, huh? I once heard of a lady from there who was quite an Elvis fan.
  10. Simply beautiful. Thanks for posting that, Em.
  11. Only on how to pronounce the name.
  12. On skis or a bicycle?
  13. I have one. Maybe. I believe the TG-0 had a plain headstock with the Gibson logo, while the TG-1 had decorative headstock inlays and fretboard binding. The one that I have does not have the binding. My best guess on the year is 1931. It was given to my grandpa because it was broken, and he repaired it to playable condition. Perhaps that's why there's no binding on the fretboard. As Jeff said, the neck is skinny and banjo-like. From what I've heard, the TG came about because banjos were going out-of-fashion at the time, so they made a guitar that appealed to a banjo player. I agree that it's a specialty guitar, and would be a good choice if you're looking for an alternative to another 6-string. They're traditionally tuned to GDAE or CGDA.
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