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  1. Lately? I have been spelling relief: W. A. R. M. O. T. H.
  2. All joking aside, this was the conclusion I came to as well. I just needed to hear it from another source. Thanks!
  3. What, IF any difference does either circuit make, or is it just splitting hairs?
  4. Nubs...He he... Makes me think of the NOFX Song.....
  5. I have zero craps to give about binding let alone nibs on a neck...
  6. Not too much though....Mudslides are bad mmmkay?
  7. 3K for a design no one other than Les himself ever wanted in the first place..... Fools and money.....
  8. First time posting it over here. I built it back in Dec. I fell in love with my jackson clone I built in July, I decided I should have another. I have become a total Warmoth snob. Jackson Clone Sold my SG and Jr. to buy this set of parts. I also need some better pics. The Widows Son
  9. Jerk.... Although I was WAITING for someone to say it.
  10. Took a direct hit in the muzzle eh? That sucks.... Beautiful pup though. Maybe she'll think twice next time.
  11. white distilled vinegar, Take the stink outta ANYTHING / EVERYTHING, AND will clear clogged drains. Once I was able to recover all my personal items that survived the flooding when I was in NOLA in '05, I washed all my clothing in WDV. all other items got a good wipe down as well, No more stinky, No more mold.
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