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  1. I’m not so much looking to replace my Trad, just increasing the herd :)I’m in the US in Tennessee, not too many local options for Gibsons, so online is about my only option other than Craigslist. There’s something about the straight up appearance of the faded that I love, but the Goldtop, come on. It’s a Goldtop! Gotta have one at some point. I’m definitely looking for something satin for this next acquisition. Thanks for the responses!
  2. I’ve had my eye on another LP, but torn between two models. I already have a Traditional, Classic, and a Special, and was thinking a goldtop Tribute or a Faded in Worn Brown. I played a 2008 Faded at a local shop and it felt AMAZING with the satin finish, but he had it priced at $999 (ha!) and would not come down. I've seen them on Reverb around $600 and I would definitely prefer the older ones with satin, inlays, and covered pups. However, the 2017 Goldtop Tribute is just as desirable to me. Any advice?
  3. Thanks everyone! I love it!
  4. Thanks everyone! I love it!
  5. Many of us have switched out the circuit board with traditional wiring. It’s certainly up to you, but my 16’, ‘17, and ‘18 Gibsons are the best I’ve ever had, including a few from the ‘90s.
  6. How is the finish holding up? Is it rubbing off at all?
  7. I like the heritage cherry.
  8. Matty1976


    Those are great guitars. I love that finish.
  9. I definitely have to dial in my tone for whatever guitar I am playing. If I plug any of my Les Pauls in after my Strat it's going to sound awful. Those Epi pickups are definitely not 57 Classics, or EMGs or Dimarzio, etc. Every guitar I have sounds different, plays different, and definitely takes adjustment when going from one to the other.
  10. Thank you. Strangely enough, it's lighter than my Traditional Classic with weight relief. I must say, the tone on this Classic is phenomenal, especially with distortion. I love the in-between sounds on clean settings. I've always been a humbucker guy, but these p90s are great.
  11. My new Classic. Changed the knobs and pickguard. Love it!
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