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  1. I finally bought it at Musicstore.de, in Germany. For people from Europe, you can find it at GAK in UK too. Made in Indonesia, no other way, good pieces, good sound. It has been a long time waiting & watching & pursuing it, but finally I have it. And yes, Charlie Parra did all he could, even get me in touch with Ephiphone Ceo, so a great guy, what can I say. Great guitarrist, better person, no doubt about it. Thank you Charlie, thank you Kramer/Gibson.
  2. I did talk with them. They doesn't have that model (you can't buy them, button is disabled). The have it in black, in a warehouse far far away where nobody can watch / make a photo to know if it is indonesian/korean or usa kramer guitar. Besides, after read their e-mail and their not very well translated "classical spanish message", I told it was bad redacted, pass a corrected version, and they didn't like them very much. Anyway, they haven't Charlie Parra edition, and they won't take a photo / more info about what they have in their warehouse, so no info about black Nite-V.
  3. Finally there is some help from Charlie. Let's see what happen next.
  4. That's a simple question: How can we buy a Kramer Nite-V Plus Charlie Parra Edition from Kramer Guitars USA? Is that possible?. All other ways to contact with Kramer/Gibson are futile, no support service page working (at least, from Spain), no chat, no answer from support emails I've found on the net. Even I've asked to Charlie Parra directly in the mail him haves in YouTube for contact, and no response. Edit: He is answering now, in fact, probably the only one is trying to really help. Very curious situation, indeed. If I finally get one, Charile should take a part of the pie. So, the guitar is really on sale or is just a claim to try people choose another Kramer/Gibson guitar?. Not interested in a made in Indonesia / Korea kramer guitar. Somebody in the forum have a clue for this mistery? Hmmm.. apears this guitar is discontinued, customer.service@gibson.com says. Let's try asking to Charlie Parra through Twitter.
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