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  1. Thank you Gibson never got back to me but 2007 is the year the blonde beauty was made. Still not sure if its a standard or studio premium and yes the seller told me it was the wrong card that it was for a worn cherry. THANKS AGAIN!
  2. hey it worked here are some pictures.....thanks for the tip.
  3. Beautiful Guitar ...just stunning and a huge congratulations!
  4. I've resized the picture and it still says file too big....how small of a picture do they have to be? Thanks
  5. They had sent me the wrong serial number here is the correct serial number.......The serial for this guitar is 011670525
  6. Hi, I am new to this board so please be gentle ha. I have always been a fender guitar guy but fell in love with the looks of the Les paul Blonde Beauty well that and I've always wanted a Les paul. I sent the seller several questions like is it a standard or studio premium model and what neck style does it have. They didn't know but sent me what they thought was the serial and model numbers. I sent them to Gibson and got a response right away but they couldn't answer my questions because the numbers were incomplete. Here is what I got from the seller........ The model # on the Gibson card i
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