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  1. I ordered a used, in excellent condition, 2010 Gibson Custom Shop ES-339 in Lemonburst from Elderly Instruments Tuesday morning. It should be here by next Monday. I went with this shop because my lutier has done a lot of business with them and considers them to be top-notch reliable people. I would have preferred Sunsetburst but, hey, if the guitar sounds as good as the You Tube reviews, I will learn to love lemonburst fast. Saving about a thousand dollars over a new guitar is handy, too. Now I have some cash to spend on a killer amp to go with the new guitar. Kate
  2. Thanks for the reply, JimB1, I checked with my local lutier for advice and he suggested going for the ES-339 as being closest to the blues tones I like. I will go with that model. It does sound warm and mellow yet can cry with a piercing sound. Now I am trying to get one, but the holiday is getting in the way so things are on hold until Tuesday. I appreciate the info. I looked for an ES- Les Paul with the "f" holes but couldn't find one. There were mostly satin finishes and studio models. You picked a beautiful instrument. Kate
  3. I am almost ready to buy a second guitar. My first guitar is a G&L Ascari GTS. The choices have narrowed to The ES-339 (the ES-335 is too big for me. I'm 5'2) and the Memphis ES- Les Paul Standard. It is a hollow body with no "f" holes. The choices have come from listening to the You Tube reviews and demos so not the best quality of sound from my laptop to compare tone. Most advice is to go to several music stores and try my choices and many others. This might be good advice to someone who lives in a heavily populated area with lots of music stores. The nearest store to me is two hours away in another state and they don't even carry Gibson brand. I will be buying mine online. Most of the guitars around me are Stratocasters or Telecasters and lots of off brands. My favorite music is blues- Chicago and Delta style. Any style blues is good. I almost pushed the "buy" button on the Les Paul hollow body (no "f" holes), but thought you people might have some thoughtful input. Thank you,
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