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  1. No, no problem; comments help me improve. I mean by Chet Atkins I mean, and the specific in the description below the video, "Arrangements FOR GUITAR by Chet Atkins". Paolo.
  2. Grazie Pippy e Kidblast, I really appreciate it. follow me if you like.
  3. One of the many Chet Atkins geniuses!!!!
  4. if you'd like, I'd like it if you find the time to take a look at my YouTube channel, there are many Mister Atkins covers.
  5. I love Chet Atkins and Fingerstyle world in all its forms and genres!!!!
  6. Ciao, I’m Paolo from Italy; this my my Gibson Collection: Chet Atkins Nylon 1988 Showcase Edition j45 1991 L5 CES Crimson 2017 Chet Atkins Tennessean 1997
  7. Hi

    I аm looking for a gentle аnd SEXy mаn

    My profile is here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses PaoloSpadaro

  8. Hello everyone, I'm Paolo, I'm 32 and I'm from Sicily, Italy. I am passionate about guitar, fingerstyle, I own many guitars (many gibson of course) and amps. I hope to share a lot with you. If you like, I'll post some pictures of my gears and some videos.
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